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How the Pure Portfolio Delivers on Our Vision

Learn how Pure’s vision aligns with three major market trends and discover the newest additions to the Pure portfolio—enabling you to modernize your infrastructure, operations, and applications.
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Hello, I'm RJ Sing Pure Chief product officer and I am super excited to tell you about how our vision integrates a foundation of simplicity and reliability with three major market trends that are impacting organisations large and small First adoption of the cloud operating model everywhere Second, the increase of
modern cloud native applications and third, the shift in Modernising today's data infrastructure with all flash customers want a new experience from the on Prem infrastructure. They want the cloud experience, Flexibility, agility and speed to access are now more important than reliability and performance alone.
Organisations are Modernising the infrastructure, platforms and operations to support agility, accelerate innovation and they want to avoid the heavy upfront costs and expensive over provisioning they want to pay for what they use. Pillar has always architected its portfolio for the needs of customers. Today and tomorrow our portfolio delivers on a vision to
uncomplicated data storage forever enabling you our customers to modernise their infrastructure operations and applications. We are leading the way to modernise storage infrastructure in a relentless pursuit of delivering the old flash data centre by building on our direct to flash strength, including mainstreaming unstructured data management with fast violent object
storage. We are committed to helping you modernise the operations by delivering our cloud operating model, modern cloud oriented services management and automation across on premises, private and public cloud environments. But with more outcome oriented As a service SLS, we are focused on helping you modernise your applications.
We are powering modern software initiatives whether it is meeting the needs of modern, unstructured data. Applications are supporting container based clouded of applications with the industry's most robust and complete Cuban eighties data platform. Today, we are delighted to be taking one step further and share some exciting things leading up to including
the next generation solution that helps meet the needs of a growing, unstructured data landscape, a secret advantage in everybody's cloud native journey and a new model in our evergreen family. That further on complicates the increasingly as a service world. But that's not all.
You'll also hear inspiring customers speak about the innovation and breakthrough they've made possible a part of the journey with pure. So in the first segment, I'd like to introduce Amy Flower Fowler and Matt Burr from a flash blade team to deliver some exciting news to set some context. It's clear by now that flash is the future and pure is charting the path
by morning storage infrastructure as you work towards the All Flash Data Centre. And we're doing this today by building on a direct to flash strength applied to the least complicated product portfolio in the industry. A scale of architecture for the agency, intensive applications in flash array and a scale out architecture for bandwidth intensive applications in Flash Blade,
both with purity software. Why? Because we believe the all flash data centre is inevitable and there are many reasons to be excited about that inevitability. First off, we know building a sustainable technology infrastructure is important element in many of your E S G commitments.
The right all flash solutions can significantly reduce environmental footprint by requiring less power, space and cooling. It's not just about green, though all flash delivers the performance you need to maintain a competitive advantage. All flash offers the speed, portability and durability that complex nature of unstructured
data requires. Today we highlight our direct to flash strength with our focus on flash blade yours flexible, unified, fast finding objects scale out platform. That is the choice for organisations tackling the most challenging machine generated unstructured data requirements.
Flash Blade has it all enabling simple, non disruptive I D operations delivering outstanding performance while increasing efficiency, productivity and cost savings. And we are taking that to new heights, okay?
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