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The Future of the Anywhere Service Economy

Stop spending time, energy, and resources on being a storage producer, instead of a storage consumer. Discover how Pure Storage solutions deliver the most efficiency and flexibility to keep up with next-gen storage density. Hear Delta Airlines’ Rene Lopez, Managing Director, Infrastructure, describe the role Pure and the Evergreen portfolio play in Delta’s technology strategy.
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Alright well it's great to see the impact evergreen has had. Thank you. Nice systems. So I'd like to start off with a personal story. A lot of you guys can probably relate to it. I'm a dad that's my son. You can see him back there and you know what? I'm going to take you back two years full time parent, eight year old child.
I was a chauffeur. Took him to mm a took him to piano lessons and a myriad of other activities. Because why my job is to make sure he gets better over time. He needs to learn now. Covid hit. We all know what happened?
Well M. M. A. Is terrible for Covid. You don't want kids in each other's faces. So what do we do? We flip the fencing? Because guess what six ft sword masks made for Covid. Right? With the piano flipped online.
My living room turned to a covid zoom room and I think we all know how that kind of went. Right. It was just this massive agility required as a parent to flip your world upside down. Now let's talk about I. T. What happens in I. T. Right. Just like with my kids needed to make sure they got better over time.
We know technology needs to get better over time. Does legacy storage get better over time? Hard? No, do we ever green make storage get better over time. But what about the flexibility you need because when you're running storage at scale, you don't have one box. We've got some customers nearing 1000 systems.
So you need to rethink the flexibility. So with our portfolio we've got Evergreen forever. It makes sure technology gets better over time with a box. We all know it. We all love it. Everyone's talked about it.
Well, Evergreen flex combines something that we've done with Evergreen a decade ago, a technology innovation and a business model innovation. We're doing it yet again. This is the next major disruption in the industry where we're bringing a technology flexibility unlocking and hyper desegregating performance and capacity.
Matt talked about a modular architecture and combining it with a business model innovation where you pay for what you use. So our Q. L. C. Products, flash array. See flash blade us. You can use your capacity where you need it. Our TLC products flash array. X. Excel. You can use the capacity where you need it.
But to do that, how do we charge you? Well, we need to charge you based on where you use the capacity. Right? Because that's the game we're doing. So we provide you usage flexibility And financially this means you're not over provisioning budgets because stranded capacity consumes power and is waste.
So what does this mean? We were able to adapt as a parent? I was able to adapt. But God it was a ton of work. So much work to think about what I should do. I wish there was parenting as a service where you know what someone would come in and flip your world for zoom right flip your child's activity so you can continue getting better
over time. Well guess what? To be fair. That doesn't exist in parenting, but it does exist in tech with evergreen one. Let us do it for you. It's about the labor. It's about putting in the work, giving you an S. L. A. To make your life better.
That's what we wanna do with tech. So um, as we move forward, you know, we have a responsibility to make sure things get better over time. Evergreen forever. Makes the box better over time. Evergreen flex now brings that to the power of the fleet in the portfolio and evergreen one modernizes your labor. We're always looking to get better over time.
So this is the subscription to innovation and that's why I'm excited that you know, we were able to adapt during the pandemic. We're expanding the evergreen family with ever the evergreen portfolio and now let me bring the stage and introduce a new member To the family who we've kind of worked with for quite some time Renee from Delta Airlines. So 2020, 2022 already off to a start and I
think people are flying again, we're all here. Right. So I'm sure you've seen a bunch of changes happening. So how do you describe the last two years for you and your role of delta. Well, it's great to see everybody in person and I hope you all flew Delta here. But if you didn't, it's okay because we're all in person the first six months like most
companies during the pandemic we were worried about cost containment, just understanding how long the pandemic was gonna last. And while we were working on the cost containment side with my peers at Delta R. C. I. O. Had a different idea. He saw it as an opportunity, an opportunity for us to accelerate our
migration and updates of our applications of movement to the cloud. So we used that 18 months to start the acceleration to the cloud wow. So look you you use that to adapt, persevere. I'm sure you know you've dealt with all of that disruption. So what's the most important innovation you see in the airline infrastructure that came out of the pandemic?
Well I know that our app teams wrote a lot of apps to take away that anxiety when you travel during the covid era. Those teams did great work adapting to all the different countries, laws and regulations. But one of the things that actually most proud of that we got out of the pandemic is that we invested in our employees. We used to say we are an agile company but we were just kind of doing agile and
we took the opportunity and we spent millions of dollars and we're not done yet of training not just the I. T. Workforce but our business partners internally to Delta to truly execute as agile? So that was kind of one of the biggest benefits I saw. And what about storage right. What do you see the role appear in Evergreen and you know how storage works in your
landscape. So it's funny when I told somebody I was coming out to speak for pure they're like well they're just a storage company. It's commodity. And the way I like to see Pure is it's our data foundation. We built our on prem cloud on the pure flashback design.
We build our data protection schema around not only Pure but with your partners with co he city and that I was super excited to see the strategic acquisition of court works as we're modernizing our apps and moving them to the cloud. I see now some capabilities that where we're lacking in maturity that ports works can absolutely help Now. What I don't want to happen though is this
discussion right now to end up on the salesforce funnel and I'm gonna be called every 20 minutes to get deal closed but we're but it's exciting to see that the innovation with pure so I don't see pure is just a storage company. It's the foundation of our of our hybrid cloud. Well what about evergreen flex right. You heard about the new announcements? Any thoughts?
Yeah, I think it's awesome. I I don't know how many of you here get perfect requirements when you start a project the way I see this is the opportunity to land capacity in the data center and slowly grow into those requirements without that upfront capital spend. I know I struggle to see capital stranded and depreciating without actually business value. So I think it's great. Great announcement awesome.
So looking ahead, how do you see investments in tech like evergreen benefiting Delta in the future? Because you know, you gotta build the future. What does the future look like to you? Okay, I'm gonna go a little bit off script here because I thought evergreen was bullshit when I saw it the first time. The reason why I say that I'm jaded,
I've been in this industry like most of you here 2030 years and you hear all this marketing jargon that they try to get you to say, oh what ours is better, faster, cheaper. Well they got me with evergreen initially because it was predictable maintenance costs. That was the first thing that hooked me. But the upgrades of the environment this past Thanksgiving the month before Thanksgiving,
we were able to upgrade 30 arrays in less than 30 days. Non disruptive Lee while airplanes are in the air and have no hiccups whatsoever. And that truly was the value of evergreen to me that we saw that upgrade happen. Well thank you. Renee I look forward to hanging out at the beer bash later today. But you know, it's awesome to see whatever
green has done for your business. So thank you. All right. So our goal is to uncomplicated a storage forever. Right? Our technology based on flexible storage operating system, but we use data to do it. Pure one collects the metrics and our data
science through Ai ops allows us to recommend and meet people where they're at on the journey. So whether you want to modernize to get non disruptive upgrades with evergreen forever, just like Renee has done at delta or you want to modernize your portfolio with evergreen flex or you know, you just want to modernize labor because which parent doesn't want to work less to make sure their kids get better over time. Right?
Um, that's what we're about. So what's next? We're going to continue down this evolution of hyper desegregating the modular architecture of performance and capacity where you can bring the resources to where you need it. Living in California. I don't go over the border to buy avocados. Right? That's not the way it works.
I want avocados where I want them, right? Think about natural resources on the planet. You shouldn't have to move to get natural resources. They should come to you. So why is storage any different? We want to bring the resources to where you need them. Whether your applications, your VMS, your containers need more performance,
need more capacity. We're bringing that beyond the box. Looking at this at the fleet to solve a scalability challenge and an efficiency challenge to create the most efficient way to run its scale. The future is bright. So thank you. I'd like to welcome a. J. Back to the stage,
very excited with everything we've been doing.
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