The Flash Revolution Continues

If you're new to flash, or you don't yet have flash in your data center, there's an excellent chance that you will over the next year. Enterprise storage is undergoing a fundamental transformation, as businesses of every size find that the acquisition cost and myriad economic benefits of switching to all-flash are not merely compelling – they're increasingly a necessity to maintain business edge.

All Flash Arrays Rising Fast

All flash arrays (AFA) are voted the #1 technology on the 451 Research Heat Index for the second year in a row. In 2015, AFAs are present in 22% of enterprise production implementations, with a another 27% of enterprises planning implementations in the next two years. As 451 Reserch notes, "This is just the beginning."

What You Need to Know

There are many types and implementations of all-flash storage on the marketplace today. We've put together a vendor-agnostic guide that provides an introduction to the different classes of all-flash – and offers important buying criteria to avoid potential pitfalls as you proceed.

We're Leading the Industry

Making the right flash storage choice means picking a vendor whose products and support meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We've been leading the flash revolution with innovative solutions and an unwavering focus on delivering for the customer. See for yourself.

Simplify Everything

Of the many compelling reasons to consider Pure Storage all-flash solutions – power, efficiency, resiliency, and more – perhaps none will be more attractive than the opportunity to dramatically simplify every aspect of your enterprise storage experience: easy acquisition and install, no software licensing, simple management, workload consolidation without performance loss, proactive support, and disruption-free upgrades. All this with every system we sell.

"Deployment was simple and painless with Pure Storage FlashArray."
Amos Chua, Senior IT Manager
Avago Technologies
"The three words I’d use to describe Pure Storage arrays are: simple, reliable and fast."
Steve Young, CTO
Judson ISD
"It's very easy to use and very stable. It just stays up."
Alex Patent, Global VP
The Nielsen Company

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