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Customer Quotes: Sustainability

“Our mission at Cengage Group is to make education attainable for all learners by delivering accessible and affordable digital education resources and solutions. Running our organization on Pure Storage FlashArray, FlashBlade, Pure1 and Evergreen//One, has not only enabled us to significantly improve the storage performance and data accessibility needed to deliver on this mission, but it has also allowed us to save on space, power, and cooling. In fact, we've been able to reduce our overall storage footprint by 80% while doubling to tripling the performance of our previous storage systems.” – Jim Chilton, CIO, Cengage


“Pure FlashBlade has helped us make tremendous progress in NTU’s supercomputing projects. It has also freed up computing resources, and enabled us to optimize rack space usage, leading to improved power and cooling efficiencies. With Pure Evergreen//Forever, we also foresee a positive environmental benefit by not having to undergo wholesale hardware changes during technology refreshes.” – Alvin Ong, CIO, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


“Pure FlashStack enabled us to easily handle increasing workloads to meet customer demands. Our rack also went from 12 to 3, reducing our power consumption from 5,000W to 1,100W. We are proud to achieve this incredible environmental impact.” – Hector Romero, Senior Systems Engineer, Barfoot & Thompson


“As a company that has been mapping Great Britain in extreme detail for over 230 years, it comes as no surprise that the environment is really important to us. Our maps are used by everyday walkers and emergency services alike, and being able to provide that service while reducing our energy usage, carbon emissions and data center footprint is a key focus of ours. Pure has empowered us to achieve all of these goals and we’re delighted with our collaboration so far.” – Lloyd Clarke, Virtualisation Lead, Ordnance Survey


“Sustainability is key for us, as our mission is to reliably supply food retailers and consumers with high quality, ultra-fresh goods. All-flash performance has made a huge impact across all our operational processes, logistics, warehouse management systems, and central communication systems, helping end products reach customers more reliably, resulting in less waste. At the same time, we have been able to reduce our data center footprint and energy use with Pure's products and eliminate storage ewaste through their evergreen program.” – Oliver Retz, CIO, Jung Holding


“Maif Vie takes environmental issues seriously and has a strong climate strategy for our life insurance and savings investments; we need to ensure every part of our organisation does its bit to meet these objectives. The simplicity of Pure's technology, which consumes very little energy and takes up very little space, immediately appealed to our management. Our Pure solution gives us peace of mind for both what it delivers and how little it impacts the environment.” – Florent Geoffroy, Project Manager, Maif Vie

“Moving to Pure has been critical for our cloud-first digital transformation strategy and it is also supporting our long-term sustainability goals. We have reduced our storage footprint which leads to considerable energy savings.” – Jeff Cham, IT Director - Business Technology Partner, Digital Office, M1 Limited

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