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Modernizing Database Technology Stacks

Database needs and their technologies are evolving. Data has grown exponentially over the last 30 years. How we use it and store it has to change along with it.

“Modernizing Database Technology Stacks” from Freeform Dynamics looks at the complex questions surrounding traditional relational databases and their relationship to NoSQL, big data, and emerging technologies.

“Given the ‘Jack of all trades’ nature of RDBMSs, alternative technologies have emerged to address specific types of need in a more targeted and optimal manner.”

Freeform Dynamics Ltd.

The research report breaks down common questions around database technology changes. Get insight into:

  • How NoSQL databases are gaining insight and traction over traditional relational databases 
  • The adoption use case and net change of big data technologies
  • Leveraging the current state of data growth to improve systems performance—and your business
  • How changes to storage can impact performance
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