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What's New with vVols and Pure Storage's New VAS Provider?

Pure Storage has been the leader in vVols since we introduced support, and we are not slowing down. With the latest release of Purity//FA and VASA, there are significant enhancements, additions, and useful new features that make the best vVol implementation out there, even better!
This webinar first aired on 15 dicembre 2021
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Alex Carver

Sr. Solutions Engineer, Pure Storage

Pure's new 2.0 VASA provider is bringing some significant updates to scale, performance and feature support. This webinar will be diving deep into the updated VASA provider and what's new.

Join us to discuss:

  • Increased Scale for vVols on the FlashArray
  • New SPBM Capabilities for QoS, Tagging and Local Snapshot Placement
  • Performance improvements for vVols on Pure
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