A Healthy Outlook For The Future With FlashArray

Carilion Clinic found that incrementally upgrading its multi-vendor storage infrastructure resulted in higher costs, greater complexity and reduced reliability. By standardizing on all-flash arrays from Pure Storage, southwest Virginia’s largest healthcare provider has seen significant improvements in performance and availability, as well as a sharp reduction in storage-management requirements and cost. 


  • Legacy storage was becoming ever-more complex and unstable.
  • The addition of even minor new features required downtime, as well as incremental cost. 

Use Case:

  • Electronic health records – Epic®
  • Database – InterSystems® Cache, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle® 

Business Transformation: 
Physicians and other patient-facing staff have faster access to the files and applications they require for their work. The space and operating costs devoted to storage have been cut in half. Storage-related tasks have been significantly reduced, freeing up cycles for new projects. 

IT Transformation:

  • Consistent sub-millisecond latencies improve end-user response times for key applications.
  • Effortless management removes routine storage tasks from IT staff.
  • Data-reduction rates of as much as 15:1 drastically reduce space and power requirements. 
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“Pure Storage was the unanimous winner; it’s the first time we’d ever had a unanimous vote on any matter.”
Daniel Persico, Manager, Systems Operations

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