UKCloud and Pure Storage

Pure Storage provides the storage backbone for multicloud provider, UKCloud, a winner of multiple UK awards. 

UKCloud’s mission is to help UK public-sector organisations deliver more value to UK taxpayers through safer, cost-effective, and more flexible IT. Pure’s world-class data storage technology helps UKCloud deliver business outcomes for its clients through data enablement.

The award-winning technologies and services in the partnership are backed by our joint client-centric philosophy, which is reflected in our market-leading Net Promoter
Scores—UKCloud +56 and Pure Storage +83.5.

Managed Service Provider [Elite]
Areas of Focus
Application Services
Backup as a Service
Disaster Recovery as a Service
Hybrid Cloud Services
Infrastructure as a Service
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  • Managed Service Provider
  • Cloud
  • Data Protection
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Healthcare
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Security & Compliance
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Private Cloud Solutions

Rely on secure private-cloud solutions to secure your data and give mission-critical applications the best performance and resiliency.