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Top 10 Features That Make FlashArray The Best Storage for Your vSphere Environment

Modern Storage for your VMware Environment

Storage is the most crucial underpinning of your VMware vSphere infrastructure, but your storage needs to move beyond just offering capacity and performance. See how these top ten features of Pure Storage FlashArray can help you with the management, monitoring, troubleshooting, procurement, security,and performance of your VMware environment.

Flash Array SafeMode and Data at Rest Encryption

Ransomware attacks are on the rise with no indication of slowing down, so ensuring the integrity and security of your data is paramount to your business. With Purity Snaps, SafeMode and Data at Rest Encryption (D@RE), Flash Array protects your data with immutable snapshots, deletion/eradication protection, and prying eyes from reading your data.

VMware vVOLS

Managing workloads and VMFS at scale brings challenges. Leveraging Pure Storage's industry leading VMware vVOLs integration reduces management complexity with software defined storage policies and increases flexibility along with monitoring of your workloads and storage environment.

VMware Integrations (vCenter, SRM, Aria Suite, etc)

In addition to the strong partnership around vVOLs, Pure Storage has deep integrations with the VMware ecosystem to make managing your environment easier; Provisioning with the vSphere Client Plugin, management packs for the Aria Suite, and disaster recovery with SRM to name a few.

Efficiency and Performance

Reduce your data center footprint, and save on power and cooling, with industry leading dedupe and compression, up to 10x, while delivering the blistering performance your applications need right out of the box. No knobs to tweak, no RAID groups to create, just provision storage and go!


Data Center disasters can take on many forms, they can be local or regional, self-inflicted, or weather related. Whatever classification you are remidateing for, FlashArray has you covered. Whether it be across datacenter or metro cluster, ActiveCluster provides the synchronous replication you need for zero RPO/RTO recoveries. If planning for out of region recovery, ActiveDR with asynchronous replication has you covered, and integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager provides granular, orchestrated recoveries. Oh, and both of these features are included with FlashArray, no additional software or licensing to purchase.

Pure1 for Full Stack Analytics

Get unparalleled visibility to your workloads with Pure1 cloud based VM analytics. Identify in seconds what resources a VM is consuming to map storage concerns. Put AI driven recommendations to use for workload planning and sizing to ensure you have the correct amount of resources.

Self-service Upgrades

With the Purity Operating Environment  powering FlashArray, take control of when you want to upgrade your storage. With self-service upgrades, you now have the power of choice; complete the upgrades on your terms or still work with Pure Storage industry leading support staff.


Utilizing the economics and elasticity of cloud storage is here to stay and data mobility has increasingly become more important between on-premise and the cloud. If the use case is test/dev, longer term retention, or various recovery scenarios, CloudSnap provides the ability for your FlashArray to offload snapshots to an S3 bucket. No additional software or cloud gateway required, all configured and integrated from within Flash Array GUI and CLI tools

Consumption and Procurement Flexibility

Pure’s Evergreen portfolio gives you the power of choice on how you want to procure our storage. Evergreen Forever and Evergreen Flex continue with a CAPEX purchasing model for the hardware, but with Flex, pay only for storage usage via a subscription. Looking to move to a full OPEX scenario, Evergreen One has you covered with a full Storage-as-a-Service offering.


For the ultimate in predictable and unified data centric infrastructure, transform your data center with Pure Storage FlashStack. FlashStack is a partnership between Pure Storage and Cisco to deliver converged infrastructure that simplifies your operations, eliminates IT silos, and scales with your business needs.

Uncomplicate Your VMware  Storage, Forever

Pure Storage FlashArray delivers the high performance and consistent low latency the applications critical to your business need. Beyond that, FlashArray can simplify the day to day management and administration of your VMware environment while providing robust features and functionality to provide better data availability, security, and protection.

Learn How Pure Storage is the Best Storage for your vSphere Deployments


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