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E-book, 51 pages

Snapshots for Dummies

Snapshots for Dummies

In 2022, the volume of data created, captured, copied, and consumed worldwide will reach 97 zettabytes (ZB), and by 2025, that amount is expected to top 181 ZB**. With data volumes increasing exponentially, you need new ways, other than just backups, to manage data that are nimble and fast.

In this guide learn how snapshots work and how they complement your backups. With snapshots, created by using Pure Storage® FlashArray™ and Pure Cloud Block Store™ products, you can:

  • Solve data gravity issues
  • Maneuver data nimbly
  • Protect data with confidence


“The over abundance of data brings challenges of saving, moving, using, and protecting it. Volume snapshots help make managing this data much easier.”

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