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Empower Developers

Today, every business is powered by software, and DevOps is key to innovation and productivity. Pure's modern data experience accelerates the entire CI/CD pipeline – and delivers a competitive advantage.

DevOps Drives the Business

Developer productivity determines the pace of innovation – and thus the growth of the enterprise. The all-flash core within Pure modern data experience speeds up and simplifies DevOps and the CI/CD pipeline.

MacStadium Drives DevOps with Pure

MacStadium is the leading Apple Mac hosting provider, supplying dedicated servers and private cloud hosting solutions to software developers in over 50 countries. MacStadium leverages FlashArray//X to provide a high-performance, enterprise-grade storage solution that has eliminated downtime. Watch.

컨테이너 지원

퓨어스토리지의 올플래시 속도, 엔터프라이즈급의 입증된 안정성 및 고급 데이터 서비스를 통해 컨테이너를 위한 엔터프라이즈급 지속형 서비스형 스토리지(storage-as-a-service)를 제공하세요. Docker 및 Kubernetes 등과 사전에 완전히 통합돼 구축된 본 서비스는 지속적 통합(CI)/지속적 배포(CD) 파이프라인을 가속화하고 개발자들이 역량을 최대한으로 발휘할 수 있도록 지원할 것입니다.


Accelerate your CI/CD pipeline and your time-to-market. Developers can self-serve development environments instantly – no waiting days or weeks for others to spin it up.


Deliver instant, self-service development environments to your developers with PAAS and IAAS.


Speed concurrent builds with parallelism thanks to all-flash speed.


Refresh real-world production data into development instantly – and use this data for testing and rapid spin-up of troubleshooting environments. Plus, get real-time analytics for rapid failure analysis.


Use Infrastructure-as-Code – Ansible, Puppet, Python, SaltStack, ServiceNow, etc. – to build automated and repeatable processes for continuous delivery.


Turbocharge analytic tools for service reliability monitoring.

PaaS Delivers a Cloud-Model DevOps Experience

Pure Storage and RedHat OpenShift have partnered to offer a simple, powerful PaaS reference architecture – delivering a production-ready foundation that simplifies deployments and provides a stable, highly-available platform for developer apps.

Experience Not Required

No storage management experience? No problem. With built-in and unparalleled simplicity, cloud-based monitoring and analytics, and predictive intelligence, Pure modern data experience just works! If your attention is needed, your smartphone will let you know.


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