Simple at Every Stage

The simplicity of FlashArray//m starts with acquiring it. Your quote will have two line items for product and a line item for maintenance and support – and that's it. All software is included, now and in the future. And we're so sure you'll love your storage, we guarantee it completely – so you can try it risk-free.

Accelerate in One Hour or Less

Imagine: appliance-like install with one item to rack, and six cables to connect. No bolt-on controllers and no external management servers. Disaster/Recovery is built-in, and cloud-based management is a breeze. That's FlashArray//m.

Anybody Could Manage This

We've put everything you need to know on two business cards. No tuning: no RAID, pool, tiering, caching or performance management. Automate and integrate with what matters in your data center – and manage from any device.

Consolidate Everything

Accelerate and consolidate all your workloads without sacrificing performance or efficiency. No need to worry about database, virtual server, or file system alignment – it's automatic.

We're Watching So You Don't Have To

Our Support is predictive and proactive: we'll monitor continuously, predict susceptibility to faults, and fix most issues before you're aware of them. The majority of your tickets will be opened by us.

Worry-Free Upgrades

Here's how we think of software-defined freedom: upgrade capacity, performance, density, connectivity, and features independently and non-disruptively. Maintain 100% performance though failure and upgrades. Forget maintenance windows – and start planning your weekend.

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"Deployment was simple and painless with Pure Storage FlashArray."
Amos Chua, Senior IT Manager
Avago Technologies
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"The three words I’d use to describe Pure Storage arrays are: simple, reliable and fast."
Steve Young, CTO
Judson ISD
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"It's very easy to use and very stable. It just stays up."
Alex Patent, Global VP
The Nielsen Company