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Make Your Storage Purchase Feel Like Storage as a Service

Experience a StaaS-like approach to storage that lives on premises with OPEX agility. The Evergreen Storage™ subscription model delivers real IT agility, enabling you to scale seamlessly and non-disruptively, without penalty.

Evergreen Storage subscription

Subscribe to Innovation with Evergreen Storage

Subscribe to storage that’s always improving and never needs to be replaced. Get all-inclusive enterprise-level capabilities for organisations and workloads of all sizes, at purchase, and as new features are added in the future.

Reduce Data Storage Costs

Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) for storage and save more than 50% over traditional forklift upgrades. Get modern storage with the freedom to upgrade, expand, and continuously innovate.

Reduce your data storage ownership costs

Simplify Your Data Storage

From integration to storage management to upgrades, Evergreen simplifies everything about the data storage lifecycle. Imagine storage that just works, delivering you 99.9999% of availability—including upgrades.

 Data storage lifecycle management with 6 nines of availability

Stay Modern without Disruption

Deploy once and stay modern with seamless, rapid upgrades and expansion, without disruption. Scale storage as needed without downtime, performance impact, data migrations, expensive leases, or forklift upgrades.

With Evergreen storage  you avoid data disruption

Achieve IT Agility

Evergreen Storage meets your needs today and tomorrow, no matter what. It’s storage that was built to keep you agile enough to respond to changing business needs.

Respond to business challenges with IT data storage agility

Get the Best Customer Experience

Pure users rely on Evergreen Storage guarantees for satisfaction and effective capacity,  with proactive, premium-level support that delivers real peace of mind.

Evergreen storage gold and silver subscriptions

See Why Evergreen Leads The Way

Evergreen Feature

Pure Storage
Evergreen™ Storage

Dell EMC
Future-Proof for PowerStore Only


Primera/Nimble Timeless

All-inclusive Software Subscription

All Array Features Now and in the Future

Limited Features

Limited Features

Limited Features

Guaranteed Effective Capacity

(Not Just an Efficiency Ratio)

Right Size Guarantee*

No capacity guarantee

No capacity guarantee

No capacity guarantee

Non-Disruptive HW and SW Upgrades Across Generations

Truly non-disruptive, data-in-place, modular upgrades

Vendor history of "forklift" upgrades

Disruptive upgrades if more than 50% controller utilization

Limited NDU (not across generations, Nimble only)

Included Controller Upgrades to Latest Generation

Ever Modern included controller upgrades**

One-time controller upgrade to Next-gen ONLY ***

One-time, limited controller credit

One-time, limited controller credit

No-limit Anytime Controller Upgrades

(latest generation AND Next-Model)

Ever Agile (anytime 100% trade-in credit)**

One-time controller upgrade to Next-gen or Next-model ONLY ***



Anytime Media 

Capacity Consolidation**

No media trade-in


One-time media upgrade (Primera only)

Proven Record Of Delivering on Promises Upgrade/Trade-in

>9300 controller upgrades, without disruption or re-buy

Brand-new offering, unproven

New program, unproven

New offering, unproven (Primera)

* Right-Size Guarantee available at no extra charge on FlashArray //X
** Requires Evergreen Gold subscription; Ever Agile and Capacity Consolidation require purchase of qualifying capacity
*** Requires purchase of premium support package and service add-on options, all at extra cost (per Dell EMC PowerStore Data Sheet)

What is Evergreen Storage?

Pure Storage® Evergreen™ Storage subscriptions deliver value to your organisation with storage that is deployed once and stays modern with seamless hardware and software upgrades and built-in compatibility with future technologies. As your company grows, you can scale storage as needed—without downtime, performance impact, data migrations, expensive leases, or forklift upgrades.

People also ask:

1. What is a forklift upgrade?

Forklift upgrades are complete overhauls of the IT infrastructure: Old and outdated storage is ripped out and replaced with the latest technology. Forklift upgrades are driven by architectural incompatibilities between storage generations or limitations in scale-out architectures that can’t add new nodes to existing arrays or clusters.

2. What is a non-disruptive upgrade?

A non-disruptive upgrade (NDU) is a software upgrade, hardware expansion, and/or replacement that doesn’t impact data availability or performance. In an ideal scenario, that means no downtime, no data migrations, and no degradations in performance.

3. What is storage as a service (STaaS)?

Storage as a service (STaaS) is a data storage business model where a provider delivers capacity and performance resources through a simple subscription. STaaS saves you money through operating expenditure (OPEX*) agility—you only pay for the storage you need, when you need it.

*OPEX treatment is subject to customer’s auditor review

4. What are the benefits of storage as a service?

Benefits of STaaS include: 

  • OPEX subscription model that lets you optimise your storage costs

  • Ability to quickly scale and provision storage resources to your apps as you grow

  • Always-on reliability of major cloud service providers

  • Simplified storage management environment

Think Twice About Your Storage Vendor

Pure Storage is named a Leader in two Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ reports.

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Dale Sanders
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Michael Finnegan
Vice President of Production Operations, eMoney Advisor

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