Uncomplicate Storage with Consumption-based STaaS

Get the industry’s most reliable storage consumption service, built on Evergreen™ architecture and eliminate the complexity and cost associated with storage administration and support. Achieve financial flexibility and operational simplicity, while mitigating IT risk.

Pure as a Service for storage as a service (STaaS)

Achieve Business Outcomes Faster

Evergreen//One (formerly Pure as-a-Service™) delivers the agility and flexibility of public cloud storage with the security and performance of an all-flash infrastructure. Align digital transformation projects with business outcomes, based on SLAs, not hardware. Leverage Portworx® Essentials at no cost.

Pay Only for What You Use

No more having to provision storage years in advance. With Evergreen//One, you’re billed on actual consumption. After satisfying your minimum commitment, you can increase or decrease your storage consumption and only pay for what you use. The minimum commitment starts at as little as 50 TiB, and subscription terms start at 12 months.

What You Need, When You Need It

Get the storage data services you need—block, file, object—to match your business requirements. Elevate your experience by monitoring your subscription with one set of AIOps tools for orchestration, storage management, VM analytics, and AI predictive support.

Get the block storage and file and object storage to match your data storage needs

Subscribe to Continuous Improvement without Disruption

Pure utilizes the Evergreen extensible architecture to ensure that SLAs and commitments are continuously met. This includes managing and evolving the deployed solution as required without disruptions in service.

FlashStack as-a-Service

FlashStack® software-defined, hybrid-cloud infrastructure is now consumable as a service. Scale storage, compute and network capacity as needed from a single AI-based management interface. Pay as you go for predictable workloads.


Evergreen//One Catalogue

Benefit from customer-optimised performance and costs.








Sample Use Cases

In-memory database



Production database




Production database




Production database


IoT capacity snapshots

Relative Performance1





Minimum Commitment

50 TiB

50 TiB

50 TiB

200 TiB

Starting MSRP per GiB/month2





1Relative Performance in Block IOPs or File/Object Throughput Detailed in KB

2MSRP based upon host written effective capacity. Rate is for 12-month term, 50 or 200 TiB Reserve Commit. Greater discounts apply for longer terms and higher capacity.


Unified Fast File and Object





Sample Use Cases

High performance computing

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence (AI/ML)

Electronic Design Automation (EDA)

High performance analytics

Rapid restore

Artifact repositories

Software Development

Relative Performance1




Minimum Commitment

75 TiB

100 TiB

150 TiB

Starting MSRP per GiB / month2




1Relative Performance in Block IOPs or File/Object Throughput Detailed in KB.

2MSRP based upon host written effective capacity. Rate is for a 12-month term, 50-199 TiB Reserve Capacity. Greater discounts apply for longer terms and higher capacity.

Pure as a service free trial offer

Offer: Three Months Free

New customers receive Evergreen//One free for the first three months with a 12-month contract term and the required minimum commitment. Take advantage of low-touch installation and get up and running quickly.

Find Out More

What is Evergreen//One?

Evergreen//One is a storage as-a-service (STaaS) platform that unifies on-premises and public cloud storage resources in a single data storage subscription that delivers a true hybrid cloud experience.

People also ask:

1. How does Evergreen//One work?

A one-year commitment to an Evergreen//One subscription includes:

  • A simple subscription for your block, file, and object storage needs
  • Access to Pure1® management tools for managing your hybrid cloud environment from a single dashboard
  • 100% consumption-based subscription model that allows you to pay only for what you use

At Pure Storage, we believe data storage should be simple, seamless, and sustainable. Evergreen//One is a unique subscription model fine-tuned to deliver the operational and financial flexibility required to mitigate business risk and deliver enterprise-grade storage services via a single subscription.

2. How much does Evergreen//One cost?

Pure offers a simple and transparent pricing model based on flat $/GiB rates for products and services. We routinely update a public MSRP table to help you calculate the cost of your storage subscription. The Evergreen//One pricing model offers improved granularity of service selections for performance and capacity depending on your storage needs.

3. What is storage as a service?

Storage as a service (STaaS) is a data storage business model that delivers capacity and performance resources through a simple subscription. STaaS saves you money through operating expenditure (OPEX) agility. In other words, you pay only for the storage you use, when you use it.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“Evergreen//One gives us a predictable and consistent operating expense model, allowing us to pay based on usage, yet scale easily as data volumes increase.”

Jim Chilton
CIO, Cengage Group

“Moving to an OPEX model with Pure as-a-Service1 has been game-changing. We’ve shortened our time to market and are now providing our clients with our most performant and competitive storage solution to date.”

1Pure as-a-Service was rebranded to Evergreen//One.

Michael Russo
Vice President, Product Management, Options

Product and program availability varies by region.
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