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FlashStack XSeries Demo

Discover how Pure Storage and Cisco have partnered together to deliver FlashStack, a converged infrastructure solution powered by Cisco UCS X-Series chassis.
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Unknown: The FlashStack solution is a validated converged infrastructure developed jointly by Cisco and Pure Storage. The solution offers a predesigned data center architecture that incorporates compute, storage and network design best practices to reduce IT risk by validating the architecture and
helping ensure compatibility among the components. The FlashStack solution with Cisco UCS X-Series is built using Cisco UCS-9508 chassis with UCS x 210. c compute nodes Cisco fourth generation 6454 fabric interconnects Cisco nx LS based Nexus 93 one at yc switching platform and Pure Storage flash
array. The Cisco UCS X series modular system is designed to take the current generation of the Cisco UCS platform to the next level with its design that will support future innovations and management in the cloud. When you log into Cisco intersight, you will see all the important information on a fully
customizable dashboard. You can define multiple dashboards depending on the information you want to see, including things like the server health summary, the top five storage volumes, etc. Cisco intersight not only manages Cisco UCS systems, but also integrated with VMware vCenter and Pure Storage flash
array. To configure Cisco UCS X series in Intersight managed mode The first step is to configure a UCS domain profile and associate this domain profile with the UCS fabric interconnects Cisco UCS domain profile allows you to configure the fabric
interconnect port types, the VLANs and V sans associated with the UCS domain and the system QoS DNS and NTP configurations on successfully associating the domain profile with the UCSF eyes, the X series chassis and blades get discovered successfully. The Cisco UCS X series chassis supports up to
eight compute nodes. Unlike the UCS 5108 chassis, these compute nodes are inserted vertically into the system. If you switch to the rear view of the chassis, you will see to intelligent fabric modules or IFM for high speed fans, and slots for future x fabric modules. In Intersight managed mode the UCS X series
compute nodes are configured using UCS server profiles. UCS server profiles are derived from UCS server profile templates. UCS server profile template contains all the configuration associated with the server such as the BIOS and boot order policies, management policies to access the server, as well as
land connectivity policies defining the vignette configuration and associated boot from sand policies. On successfully associating server profile to a compute node, you will be able to install the operating system on the compute node and add the server to the application or virtualization
environment for all the Cisco UCS components including the chassis, the fabric interconnect and the servers. Intersight provides customers with the device contract status and allows customers to open up a Cisco TAC case directly from Cisco intersight. The serial numbers and the tech support
files are automatically uploaded to the case, saving customers time and effort. Customers can also see system advisories if any attached to the UCS components. Cisco intersight checks the server hardware and the software running on the server against the Cisco hardware compatibility list and
provides upgrade recommendations if a discrepancy is observed. Cisco intersight integration with the VMware vCenter allows you to observe various vCenter configuration parameters such as cluster hosts, VM, data stores and networking information from Intersight. Intersight also allows customers to interact
with the virtual machines and perform VM actions such as power related operations and launching a KVM console directly from Intersight. Cisco intersight integration with the Pure Storage flash array allows you to observe various storage configurations, including the model and version of the flash
array. You can also see the inventory information such as host volumes, controller, drives, and port information. The storage integration also provides customer storage widgets, which present a quick at a glance look at the storage system in the Intersight dashboard. The Cisco intersight
Cloud orchestrator provides various workflows that you can use to automate storage and VM provisioning. In addition to these workflows, Cisco intersight orchestrator also Seoul provides a large number of tasks for you to create a custom workflow based on your specific needs. Cisco intersight manage
mode can be configured using the Cisco Intersight GUI, as covered in this video using REST API or by using Ansible or Terraform. You can use Cisco Intersight s northbound API's to quickly a d consistently configure the UCS X series policies and profile . For more information on t e Cisco UCS X-Series and Fla
hStack, visit the documentation n cisco.c
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What happens when you combine Pure FlashArray with the power of Cisco's 8-core UCS X-Series chassis? In this demo we walk through the components that make up FlashStack, a converged infrastructure solution developed in joint partnership between Cisco and Pure Storage.

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