FlashStack for Oracle database deployments

Deploy a highly available Oracle RAC environment on Pure Storage’s FlashStack Converged Infrastructure Solution - validated and tested the reference architecture in Pure Storage’s lab. This document presents the details on solution setup, the workload configuration and the results observed. It further offers sizing and implementation guidelines.

Intellisnap on Pure Storage for Oracle

This paper provides on overview of the IntelliSnap technology integration with Pure Storage FlashArray to protect Oracle databases and deliver superior recovery point and time objectives.  Includes initial configuration of the FlashArray object in Commvault including all pre-requisites and a walkthrough of various backup and recovery scenarios and their workflows

Datasheet for FlashStack for Oracle database

FlashStack for Oracle is designed to get your most important applications up and running, faster. It’s designed around a highly available and scalable Oracle RAC architecture, powered by 100% flash. Architected for consolidation, it enables you to mix transactional and analytic workloads while simplifying test/dev workflows with powerful database cloning.

FlashStack™ Data Center with Oracle RAC 12c on Oracle Linux

Scalability, performance, manageability, and simplicity are key considerations for Oracle Database 12c R1 RAC deployments. This Cisco Validated Design (CVD) will help you meet those considerations. It describes a FlashStack™ reference architecture for deploying a highly available Oracle Database environment on Pure Storage FlashArray//m using the Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®), Cisco® MDS Switches, Cisco® Nexus Switches and Oracle® Linux.

The Science of Simple

The formula for maximum Oracle database performance: Speed + Simplicity. Learn how to apply the Science of Simple in order to achieve your business goals. Accelerate what's possible for your organization today.

FlashArray: the Answer to Performance Demands

The performance of your Oracle database is extremely sensitive to the speed and resilience of your storage solution. Given today's database storage demands –  whether OLTP, real time analytics, a data warehouse, or some mixture of workloads – your Oracle data storage solution must be fast, agile, and reliable. The Pure Storage FlashArray improves performance by orders of magnitude, with sub-millisecond latencies, no disruptions, and no effect on performance from upgrades and maintenance. Now you can consolidate workloads easily.

Database Performance with Pure Storage


Getting the best performance out of Oracle has required complex configuration of your underlying storage objects to create the right performance profile for logs, indexes, data files, and temp databases. With Pure Storage, you can throw all that out the window. Create one big LUN, and put everything in it. Done. Simple.


Forget fine-tuning Oracle block size and alignment – Pure Storage's 512-byte virtualization architecture means block alignment issues disappear. And our inline data reduction seamlessly serves Oracle environments, trimming Oracle database physical storage requirements by 5x-10x with far better performance than legacy disk arrays.

Cost Reduction

A Pure Storage all-flash solution will speed your database and your business; optimize your Oracle licensing; eliminate disruptions and downtime; reduce the amount of storage you actually need to buy; and save on power, cooling, and space. Taken together, that's a very significant cost savings for your business.

"Our Oracle performance actually increased after moving to a virtualized deployment with Pure Storage."
Bryan Bond, Sr. Systems Admin
"To get the performance boost, we simply plugged in the All FlashArray – there were no changes on the server side, no configuration changes to the array, and no tuning whatsoever."
Jean-François Rompais, IT and Architecture
Leaderat Kiabi
"The FlashArray’s data reduction, coupled with the speed benefit, made Pure Storage the only viable solution."
Ismael Simoes, CTO,

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