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Pure and Zenuity

OPO Oeschger Prepares for the Future of Retail

OPO Oeschger uses Pure Storage FlashArray to support high data availability to improve the customer experience with faster e-commerce website performance and accelerated order processing.


With the growing number of digital processes required for modern retailers, from logistics to e-commerce operations, OPO Oeschger need a future-proof solution for high data availability and reliability. Pure Storage FlashArray delivers strong performance with redundancies for fast backup and restoration.


  • Retail


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications



With Pure Storage FlashArray, OPO Oeschger achieves a future-proof storage solution capable of adapting quickly to new business requirements. Data reduction of 4.3:1 provides plenty of free resources for future growth. SafeMode snapshots provide fast access to backup data if necessary.

Business Transformation

  • Improved sales workflow and customer support
  • Always-on operations
  • Enhanced e-commerce website performance and customer experience

IT Transformation

  • Improved business continuity and ransomware protection
  • Increased data availability for all departments
  • Heightened system stability through Active/Active operation

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