Effortless Storage, Always

FlashArray is by far the easiest storage in the industry – with always-on reliability, plug-n-play simplicity, and complete cloud-based management and support. It’s self-managing features make it a breeze to install and run. In fact, it’s so dependable, you may even stop thinking about it.


Pure Storage all-flash starts with unwavering reliability. FlashArray//M has proven 99.9999% delivered availability for two years – inclusive of maintenance and generational upgrades – and FlashArray//X will do the same. That translates to interruptions totaling less than 31.5 seconds per year on average. So you can discard your reliability concerns completely – along with your legacy infrastructure.

No Phonebook-size manual(s)?

Nope. In fact, we’ve put all the details you’ll need on a folding business card. Setup is just one item to rack and six cables to connect – no bolt-on controllers and no external management servers. And there’s no tuning within the array – no RAID, pool, tiering, caching or performance management – and no tuning of your database, file system, or virtual machine – ever. Your smartphone will ping you if there’s something you need to do.

Visibility Through the Cloud

Your FlashArray is cloud-connected. Monitor your storage from any device, including our mobile app. We’ll be keeping an eye on it too, with proactive, personalized support, and machine learning predictive analytics to remove downtime risk. FlashArrays call home with a health status every 30 seconds, so in most cases we’ll be acting on issues before you’re even aware of them.

What does effortless look like at scale?

We took a Fortune 100 pharmaceutical company with 20+ arrays from an IT-wide 97% availability to greater than 99%. Doesn’t sound like much of a change? That’s the difference between IT-wide downtime totaling almost two weeks each year to less than five minutes. To say nothing of all the other benefits of all-flash speed. Everyone in IT got their bonuses for the first time in 3 years!


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"A highly available and reliable storage solution"
Dan McCormick, COO
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"The three words I’d use to describe Pure Storage arrays are: simple, reliable and fast."
Steve Young, CTO
Judson ISD
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“With Pure, the support has been just mind-blowing.”
Ricky Comstock, Storage Administrator
Ohio National Financial Services

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