Pure's Corporate Social Responsibility

Technology has the ability to improve the lives of people on a global scale. Pure’s commitment to challenging the status quo extends beyond our technology to our work in limiting our environmental footprint, to our philanthropic efforts, and to our people.

We’re Making an Impact – in Our Community and Worldwide


Via our Pure Good Foundation, we’re focused on galvanizing our people, making investments, and sharing our technology in community work.


Pure is committed to global diversity and equality, and proud to be an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.


We strive to maintain an ethical supply chain while empowering our customers with technology that will support their energy sustainability goals.


The Pure Good Foundation was established in 2015, via a vote from employees, to invest in our communities and to ensure that there would be support for efforts made in projects aligned with improving the lives of those where we live and work.

Pure Good Foundation

Pure Good supports the transformative power of education-based initiatives that drive quality learning opportunities for disadvantaged youth in the communities where Pure Storage employees live and work. Through volunteerism, support for innovative best practices, and grantmaking, we believe that our investments can launch real-life opportunities while building lifelong relationships with tomorrow’s workforce.


Pure Good is pleased to partner with Team4Tech for our unique Pureservice4Good service learning projects.


Our goal is to embed inclusive practices into all key talent processes, engaging our leaders and employees as role models and drivers of equality and continuing to make sure our culture remains open to new voices and thoughts.

Inclusion & Diversity at Pure

We believe that Pure's growth and continued ability to innovate is dependent on having the best talent offering their best ideas. To make that happen, we focus on embedding practices of equality and inclusion in everything we do. For us, equality isn’t a separate function – it’s an essential part of our success.

Pure Equality ensures that Pure is a diverse & inclusive company that gives equal opportunities to all to thrive, contribute, and innovate. Pure Storage celebrates diversity and inclusion at Pure Storage through Pure Equality organizations for women, pride, coalition, rise, and veterans.

Evelyn Klein

In the four years that I've been with Pure Storage, diversity seems to have changed from something we do, to something we want to embody as a company. Whenever I think of impact on myself, I think of how helpful folks were during my time coming out, and how we worked through those questions and worries of mine on a one-on-one basis. We did diversity. Now I'm happy to see that we are making real efforts towards embodying this within Pure by helping make those assurances given to me exist for all LGBTQ+ Puritans.


Emily Watkins

We are proud to have a patent program at Pure that awards patents to women at the same rate as men.  Our Legal patent team has created a specialized form to ensure that all inventors, regardless of experience, seniority, or background, have equal opportunity and encouragement to obtain patents for their work at Pure.

Emily Watkins is one of those women.  In her words:

It's a complete high to create a new solution for a real world problem. It wasn't until I had a couple of my team's solutions pass rigorous legal and technical checkpoints to end up as a patent application that I thought, "wow! yeah! I'm an inventor!"

But that inventive mood is contagious around here. The technology just starts to snowball. Our colleagues are doing amazing, inspiring things, and our Legal team is right there with us to make documenting new technology completely painless.

I've been so impressed with our Legal team, which supports and encourages innovation from all over the company – every background and every type of inventor. Speak up with creativity and be part of the innovative force that drives things forward!

Michelle Berreda

I have been a Puritan for the last 5 years and helped start both the FlashArray and FlashBlade QA teams. After getting my degree in Printing from Ferris State University, I moved to Silicon Valley 19 years ago to get lost in the world of technology startups. Many long days, sleepless nights, persistence and constantly changing technologies have helped me get where I am today.  Throughout my career, I have worn many hats ranging from Technical Support Engineer, Customer Training, Sales Engineer, IT and Quality Assurance.


Pure works to ensure an ethical supply chain in the production of our industry-leading products. In addition, our products empower customers through green technology that helps support their energy sustainability goals.

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)

As a member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), Pure Storage fully supports the vision and goals of the RBA: 


A global electronics industry that creates sustainable value for workers, the environment and business. 


Members, suppliers and stakeholders collaborate to improve working and environmental conditions through leading standards and practices. Pure Storage commits to progressively align its own operations with the provisions of the RBA Code of Conduct and to support and encourage its own first-tier suppliers to do the same. Wherever possible, Pure Storage will seek to adopt the RBA approach and tools in practical ways in the spirit of the industry's common goals.

Human Trafficking & Anti-slavery Statement

Pure Storage is committed to corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, which includes ensuring our employees and suppliers take appropriate measures to help mitigate the risk of human trafficking and slavery within our global supply chain. We will not tolerate forced labor,  indentured labor, involuntary/child labor, and human trafficking by any Pure Storage supplier.

Conflict Minerals Statement

Pure is committed to respecting human rights through our business practice that does not use conflict minerals, specifically those sources from the Democratic Republic of Congo or adjoining countries.

Data Center Energy Efficiency

For many companies, one of the most significant ways to shrink their environmental footprint is by lowering energy consumption in their data centers. Pure is proud to provide our customers with one of the most energy efficient products on the market.  Moving from legacy storage to Pure all-flash can provide up to 90% savings in physical space – and a dramatic energy savings of up to 90% as well. In addition, several of our FlashArray models are EPA Energy Star Certified.


At Pure, we think about the effect on the planet of our products from production, to installation, to end of life. In all our manufacturing operations, we ensure that we are complying with WEEE regulations and recycling our product – on a country by country basis. We can also connect customers to an approved recycling service worldwide.

Pure Sustainability

At Pure, we’re passionate about protecting our planet. Our Pure Sustainability employee group spearheads efforts to empower employee participation in sustainability initiatives, including reducing plastic consumption and food waste, donating to environmental organizations and limiting unnecessary giveaways. Less is more!

Pure Storage + One Tree Planted

Sustainability thrives in our DNA, so we’re partnering with One Tree Planted to keep the world we share always evergreen.

We Invented ‘Evergreen’ Storage

The highly-modular architecture of Pure FlashArray enables our EvergreenTM Storage ownership model: simple, non-disruptive upgrade and replacement of components, and never a forklift upgrade. As a result, a lower quantity of physical product needs to be shipped, saving cost, energy, and carbon emissions. Furthermore, the quantity of electronic waste which needs to be recycled is substantially lower than for legacy 'forklift upgrade' arrays, with resulting environmental benefits.