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Applications and Databases

The most advanced data storage for every application.

Supercharge your applications and databases. Streamline management, boost performance, slash risks, and dramatically cut costs.

The premier data storage platform for databases.

Centralize your data on a single, powerful platform.
Revolutionise database management by consolidating all your workloads on one versatile platform, deploying anywhere with ease.
Accelerate outcomes with superior performance.
Never worry about performance again. Deliver lightning-fast data without the overhead of traditional storage solutions.
Streamlined integration with top tech leaders.
Harness strategic alliances with Cisco, VMware, and Splunk for seamless interoperability and robust feature management—all powered by Pure Storage.

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Find application and database solutions and use cases.

The Best Storage Solution to Use With VMware

Build, support, and protect your VMware investment forever with the world's best storage platform.

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Elevate Your Microsoft Solutions

Develop, automate, and support all your Microsoft workloads.

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Transform Your Oracle Data Into Powerful Outcomes

Simplify, optimise, and scale your Oracle environment.

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Build, Run, and Deploy SAP Anywhere

Uncomplicate your SAP data journey with intelligent and sustainable data services.

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Simplify Storage for Open Source Databases

Move faster, more simply with Open Source.

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Accelerate Your MySQL Workloads

Scale business applications faster with optimised MySQL operations.

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Unleash User Productivity and Eliminate Virtual Desktop Headaches

Fast, resilient, simple to manage, and easily scalable platform for your VDI environment.

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The world’s most consistent data storage platform, ever.

Ditch long-term storage planning. Embrace simple, secure, storage-as-a-service.

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What is data gravity?

The term “data gravity” was first introduced into IT lingo more than a decade ago by software engineer David McCrory. It describes the concept that data and applications are attracted to each other—similar to the attraction between objects explained by the Law of Gravity. McCrory was highlighting the concept that the quantity and the speed at which services, applications, and customers are attracted to data increases as the mass of the data also increases.

People also ask:

1. What is database cloning?

Database cloning is the process by which a copy of an existing database system is made.  It is a best practice adopted by database administrators and other professionals. An example use case would be a copy of the production database cloned for development testing, or reporting, or simply for backup. Another example would be a QA environment where a need  arises to restore an environment to a specific point in time to perform testing. The cloning process is generally tedious, time consuming, and subject to errors. The Pure Storage FlashArray comes with snapshotting capability that users can leverage for a variety of purposes, including cloning databases quickly and easily.

2. What is data reduction?

Data reduction is a capacity optimisation technique in which data is reduced to its simplest possible form to free up capacity on a storage device. There are many ways to reduce data, but the idea is very simple—squeeze as much data into physical storage as possible to maximise capacity.

3. What is an RDBMS?

A relational database management system (RDBMS) is a tool for managing databases that use the relational model of data storage in which structured data is stored in tables consisting of rows and columns. Relational databases come with a number of advantages, including:

  • Ability to quickly access specific data via fast SQL queries
  • Ubiquity of tools, technologies, and expertise for working with relational databases
  • Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability (ACID) compliance
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