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Unstructured Data Storage

Uncomplicated All-flash File and Object Storage

Consolidated scale-out platform with an innovative architecture that delivers efficiency, simplicity, and performance.

Pure Products

Pure Products

Sample Use Cases

The Unified Fast File and Object Platform
For the highest performance file and object workloads, delivering cutting-edge capabilities without complexity

Sample Use Cases
  • Data protection and rapid restore
  • Enterprise imaging AI and analytics
  • Streaming and data warehousing analytics
  • Log analytics
  • High-performance computing
  • AI/ML: High performance training and inference data
  • EDA active design projects

The All-flash Unstructured Data Repository
Manage file and object workloads efficiently, simply, and sustainably with better economics than disk.

Sample Use Cases
  • Data protection and long term retention
  • Enterprise imaging: Long-term archive
  • Capacity data warehousing
  • AI/ML: Repository training, archive, and raw data
  • EDA archive repository for design data and libraries

Exponential Unstructured Data Growth Demands the Power of All-flash

Break down unstructured workload storage silos with all-flash performance, sustainable storage, extreme scale, and operational simplicity.

Three Times A Leader

Pure Storage is named A Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Distributed File Services and Object Storage.

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Discover how FlashBlade® has become the simple solution to today’s massive unstructured data storage, growth, and management challenges.

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“Backup isn't enough. You need to have a solid recovery option. Combining data protection solutions together with flash storage from Pure Storage has really been a game-changer.”

Sean Halihan
Senior Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations, Afni
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“Pure Storage FlashBlade is, by far, the best and most innovative storage solution that provides the speed and scalability our customers need.”

Giovanni Coppa
Head of Data Centre and Cloud Innovation, WOBCOM

What is unstructured data?

Unstructured data is usually qualitative with no particular schema involved. The data model is very flexible. There is a huge variety of data formats available for unstructured data. It can be difficult to search and analyse due to its unstructured nature. It’s estimated that by 2025, 80% of the data we encounter will be unstructured data in the form of text, audio, image, video, and more.

People also ask:

1. What is object storage?

Object storage is a storage format in which data is stored in discrete units called objects. Each unit has a unique identifier or key, allowing them to be found no matter where they’re stored on a distributed system.


2. What is file storage?

File storage is a data storage format in which data is stored and managed as files within folders. If you’ve ever accessed files on a hard drive, your local computer, or a shared drive hosted on your company’s server, you’ve dealt with file storage. File storage systems provide readability and convenience for users

3. What is unified fast file and object storage?

Unified fast file and object (UFFO) is a new category of storage architectured that addresses the demands of modern applications. UFFO is a storage platform that consolidates native fast file and fast object storage with an architecture that delivers simplicity, scale, and performance.

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