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Sacrifice Nothing, Including the Planet.

Reach your sustainability goals faster. Use up to 85% less energy.

Growing Data Is the Problem. The Right Storage Is the Solution.

Data storage accounts for a quarter of data centre energy use and is growing fast. Powerful, efficient storage from Pure Storage can dramatically lower your energy bills.

Data Matters: Energy and Sustainability

Data centers use up to 2% of the world’s energy. Replacing hard disks with all-flash storage can lower energy consumption—helping your organisation meet sustainability and ESG goals.

Resources and Insights

Up to 85% Less Energy Consumption
Vs. competitive all-flash storage
Less Space Required
Compared to hybrid disk storage
More Storage Density
By running fewer units per rack

Elevating Sustainability onto the C-Suite Agenda

​​Gain the perspectives of global industry leaders shared during an exclusive roundtable discussion at COP28 UAE, moderated by The Economist.

Download the report for insights on:

  • The Complexities of Data Growth combined with skyrocketing energy costs
  • The Need for Greater Sustainability and why data centre efficiency is more important than ever
  • The Critical Role of IT and how IT can play a pivotal role in saving businesses’ bottom line—and the planet
Download the Report
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Featured Solutions


Experience self-driving storage with full-stack, AI-powered data-storage management and monitoring.


Benefits of all-flash. Better economics than disk.


The all-flash advantage at disk economics, targeting 1-4PB.


Gain enterprise-grade performance without enterprise complexity with Pure’s NVMe storage array solution.


From entry-level to enterprise applications, accelerate business results with your most critical data.


FlashStack combines compute, network, and storage to provide a modern infrastructure platform.

Save Yourself the Energy

Reduce your energy costs and make IT more sustainable with all-flash storage that uses up to 85% less energy than competing solutions.

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