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FlashArray Used to Support Growth and Boost Efficiency

Global Response Corporation is a high performing, industry recognized outsourced contact center. Innovation has been central to the delivery of exceptional customer engagements. Current initiatives seek to enhance the enterprise omni-channel experience center with automated intelligence as a foundational offering. As part of this transformation, the company is taking advantage of the revolutionary performance and reliability of Pure Storage flash arrays and the unique Pure Evergreen Storage business model. As a result, it has seen significant improvements in mission-critical aspects of its operations. 


  • Complexity of storage infrastructure management diverted IT staff from higher-valued activities.
  • Legacy storage solutions challenged scalability with undesirable backup times and slower than desired restore times.
  • Maintenance support window time requirements were extending as the business grew, which impacted resourcing.
  • Incremental solutions added to infrastructure complexity and decreased reliability. 

Use Case:

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure – Citrix® XenDesktop®
  • Database – Microsoft® SQL Server
  • Cisco® Telephony UCCE Infrastructure
  • eGain Chat/Email
  • Custom application development 

Business Transformation: 
Scalability in support of business operations continues to be a priority as the enterprise grows. The enterprise requires technology- based solutions that improve costs, increase stability, reduce maintenance and deliver results quicker. When the executive management trusts the seamless delivery of these solutions, it can look forward to delivering on enterprise growth strategies. 

IT Transformation:

  • Service tickets virtually eliminated.
  • Latency reduced on all core applications.
  • Backups, restores and snapshots improved response time and enhanced overall IT efficiency.
  • Queries and report generation are now accomplished in seconds, compared to hours.
  • Maintenance windows have been significantly shortened. 


“The Pure Storage management interface is brilliantly simple; just how it should be.”
Scott Gottesman, Enterprise IT Architect
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