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Pure Storage and Consmin

BEST S.A. Uses Pure Storage to Sustain Data Growth and Improve the Responsiveness of Business-Critical Applications

Through their investment in Pure Storage, the company saves on both capital and operating expenses to create a competitive advantage.


BEST S.A. is one of the largest debt-collection businesses in Poland. The company is divided into three lines of business: an investment arm that buys portfolios of debt; a servicing business, which collects payments from debtors; and a legal department that works out payment plans for accounts that are arrears. BEST S.A. uses all-flash technology from Pure Storage to sustain data growth, maximize operational efficiency, and improve the responsiveness of business-critical applications. At the same time, they accelerate software development with containerization tools  which provide smart provisioning, elastic scaling, and transparent recovery.


  • Financial Services


  • EMEA / Poland

Use Cases



  • Constantly growing volumes of data strained the legacy storage system.
  • Company strategy emphasizes both operational excellence and cost control, requiring IT to improve efficiency.


Business Transformation

Through their investment in Pure Storage, the company saves on both capital and operating expenses, which frees up budget to grow the business and to create competitive advantage.

IT Transformation

  • Data reduction as high as 7:1 saves on capital and operating expenses.
  • Consistently low latencies improve application response times.
  • No dedicated storage administrator required.

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