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NASA Accelerates Innovation with Digital Transformation

NASA uses Pure Storage® as part of a digital transformation aimed at driving innovations that keep NASA on the forefront of discovery and exploration.


NASA conducts missions that help us understand the moon, Mars, and beyond. The data gathered during these missions helps NASA advance science and fuel new discoveries and achievements in air and space.


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Use Cases

Accelerate Core Applications


The Hero of NASA’s Digital Transformation
Ron Thompson and Charlie Giancarlo sit down to discuss how the modern application of data is changing so much at NASA.


Data is central to everything NASA does, from training artificial intelligence and machine learning to landing Mars rovers and accelerating time-to-market for new inventions and innovations.


Business Transformation

  • Allows engineers to iterate on designs faster using digital modeling
  • Aims to accelerate development of new ideas at NASA by 25%
  • Supports virtual environments for remote work

IT Transformation

  • Supports critical data assets that drive digital transformation
  • Delivers infrastructure with the potential to operate on other planets

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