Pure Storage and McArthur Lab

McArthur Lab Adds Capacity and Performance with FlashBlade

Researchers at McMaster University’s McArthur Lab use Pure Storage FlashBlade to speed biomedical discovery, gaining a modern-day infrastructure with all the storage capacity they need – and more.


McMaster University’s McArthur Lab oversees a global database that curates data, models, and algorithms associated with superbugs and other threats to human health. Andrew McArthur, Ph.D and genomics professor and researcher, turned to Pure Storage FlashBlade as the underlying infrastructure for a new gene sequencing system that helps researchers generate insights that lead to faster identification of global health threats.


  • Healthcare


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics


Antimicrobial resistance and new coronaviruses are placing modern medicine under siege. With Pure Storage FlashBlade, McMaster University’s McArthur Lab gains a storage infrastructure that allows researchers to keep up with DNA sequencing data and stay ahead of the curve as they fight global threats to human health.

Business Transformation

  • Speeds drug discovery by analyzing select data sets 24X faster 
  • Allows team to monitor global health threats more closely
  • Scales to support additional research and clinical partnerships

IT Transformation

  • Handles data more efficiently as DNA sequencing technology evolves
  • Speeds access to biomedical data to advance global health research
  • Generates results in three hours or less for insights that save lives

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