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Pure Storage and McArthur Lab

McArthur Lab Fights Global Threats to Human Health

The McArthur Lab at McMaster University uses Pure Storage FlashBlade to power genomic surveillance and new drug discovery, advancing global health research and generating insights that save lives.


McMaster University’s McArthur Lab oversees a global database that curates data, models, and algorithms associated with superbugs and other threats to human health. Genomics professor and researcher Andrew McArthur, Ph.D., turned to Pure Storage® FlashBlade® as the underlying infrastructure for high performance computing workloads, accelerating genomic threat surveillance, and driving insights that lead to new drug discovery.


  • Life Sciences


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics
  • Power Artificial Intelligence



Antimicrobial resistance and new coronaviruses are placing modern medicine under siege. A dramatic uptick in sequencing, driven by COVID, put tremendous stress on the McArthur Lab computing infrastructure.  Data from massive genomic datasets were doubling every three months. Storage was costly and couldn’t keep up with the demands of gene sequencing technology.

Business Transformation

  • Analyzes select genomic datasets over 300x faster than previous storage
  • Powers collective global effort to identify and monitor health threats
  • Helped isolate live COVID-19 virus, contributing to drug testing and development

IT Transformation

  • Processes large research datasets twice as fast at one-third of the cost
  • Handles terabytes of data more efficiently for new DNA sequencing technology, including AI and ML projects
  • Scales storage capacity easily to support additional research and clinical partnerships

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