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Leveraging Faster Data Analytics and the Use of AI


Equity Trustees was established in 1888 to provide independent and impartial Trustee and Executor services to help families throughout Australia protect their wealth. Through its unwavering commitment to serving its clients, it has established itself as Australia’s leading specialist trustee company. It offers a diverse range of services to individuals, families and corporate clients including estate planning and management, trust management, superannuation and corporate trustee services, and responsible entity (RE) services. Its purpose is to always act in its clients’ best interests, ensuring they feel safe, valued and cared for.


  • Previous storage solution was antagonistic and required specialised skills to run operations.
  • Storage performance caused delays in accessing application and files, impacting business productivity.
  • Simplify storage by removing complexity and turning it into a capability.
  • Reduce data footprint, cut costs from power and data centre space, and ease the strain on networks and backup windows.
  • Eliminate storage (spinning disks) from performance bottleneck equations.
  • Avoid highly disruptive storage software upgrades and updates.

Use Case:

  • Database

Business Transformation:

Moving to an all-flash environment has resulted in improved IT and business performance with a reduction in storage-related IT issues. Other gains include a reduced data footprint which has eased the strain on networks and backup windows. The simplified architecture has reduced the risk of downtime and made owning and managing storage simple, so the business can focus on providing great service to its extensive client base and accelerating its business.

IT Transformation:

  • Backend database performance improved significantly, with I/O wait times in sub-milliseconds.
  • The backup window improved from almost 2 days to overnight when running full backup jobs.
  • No more disruptive and cost prohibitive SAN upgrades or need for specific IT skills.
  • Simplified architecture allows IT team to stay agile in how it manages storage, no matter how quickly the business grows.
  • The time spent by IT Team to run operations and troubleshoot issues related to storage is now minimal, allowing the IT team to focus on higher-value tasks.

“If we can get everything else in IT done as seamlessly as we have with Pure Storage, it would remove the shackles from a technology and business perspective.”

Phing Lee, CTO
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