From Ransomware Vulnerability to Resilience

From Ransomware Vulnerability to Resilience eBook

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The Unique Challenges of Higher Ed Combating Ransomware

In the past year, 45% of all public organizations were hit with a ransomware attack at an average cost of $760,000.(1)

The situation is complicated further since 67% of higher education IT departments report that funding has not recovered from budget cuts of the previous several years.(2) This results in older systems that are more vulnerable to attack, as well as under-staffing, particularly in key security roles.

There is no end in sight for ransomware attacks, but with proper education and preparation, you can help your organization combat the threat.

Check out this new e-book to learn:

  • Details about recent ransomware attacks
  • The types of ransomware attacks and their unique impact
  • Best practices for detecting, stopping and recuperating from an attack
  • Thought leadership interviews and insights on how states are addressing the threat

(1)“The State of Ransomware 2020,” a Sophos whitepaper (May, 2020).