GovLoop: Embracing the Data-Driven Future

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In the past decade, government agencies have experienced a massive influx of data, much of it unstructured. How do you keep all that data safe, accounted for, accessible, and managed efficiently?

In “Embracing the Data-Driven Future,” by Kaitlin Moller, GovLoop teamed with Pure Storage® to survey 71 federal, state, and local government workers about their agencies’ data strategies.

The report outlines ways agencies can get ready for a data-centric future. Get the free report to explore:

  • The survey results and how they reflect what agencies need to make the most of their data
  • How to fight cybercrime on the data front
  • Expert insights on what you can do to address data challenges

"Every agency is a data-driven agency, whether they recognize it or not. The key is finding a way to make sure the data is available, accessible and secure so agencies can get the most value from it.”
— Nick Psaki, Federal Principal Engineer, Pure Storage

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