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Storage for the Modern Enterprise

Moor Insights looks at the artificial stratification of the storage market by legacy storage vendors and its adverse impact on IT agility. By segmenting solutions into products targeted at either “enterprise” or “midrange” markets, storage vendors deliver completely different offerings, running completely different software stacks. This forces customers into a cycle of continuous upgrades in order to adapt their infrastructure to changing business needs and manage growth.

Modern enterprises require storage that is built on software-driven, modular architectures to allow a storage experience that spans traditional segments, with capabilities that include:

  • Scalability that ensures consistent performance as your workloads grow and change 
  • Availability that enables seamless, resilient access to data
  • Sophisticated features across all workloads, including advanced data protection 
  • Consistent management experience and integration with modern IT architecture 
  • Agility and modernization that spans multiple hardware generations

Read the report to learn the keys to modernizing your storage infrastructure.

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