Power VDI Solutions with Pure

Provide a fast, resilient, simple to manage, and easily scalable all-flash platform for your VDI environment. Accelerate Citrix or VMware VDI solution deployments with the most resilient virtual desktop infrastructure available.

VDI Solutions Drive Agility for Remote Workforces

Using best-in-class storage for a remote workforce delivers powerful ROI. Take advantage of Pure’s comprehensive data services, simple management, and effortless scale to provide a modern VDI experience.

Simple, Resilient, and Cost-effective

Get all-flash storage at less than $50 per desktop* while still achieving consistent <1ms latency with FlashArray’s proven 99.9999% availability. Enjoy non-disruptive operations through failures, upgrades, and refreshes with the Evergreen™ ownership model.

* Costs may vary.

Simple Scaling Without Disruption

Many VDI pilots work well until it’s time to scale-up and move into production. That’s where you often hit performance walls. But not with Pure: Beginning with the economical FlashArray//X10, scale seamlessly from a pilot to thousands of users.

One VDI Environment from Pilot to Full-Scale Deployment

A Complete VDI Solution

Looking for an integrated, Cisco-validated storage solution for VDI? FlashStack™ Converged Infrastructure delivers all-flash speed and resiliency for all your workloads and simple, rapid deployments based on pre-validated blueprints. Scale seamlessly and manage easily as your business grows. Fully tested, fully customizable, and fully supported.

Test Drive the Modern Data Experience for VMware

Test Drive the Modern Data Experience™ for VMware

Step into a virtual lab and get hands on with modern, effortless storage for your VMware environment. No setup, no cost, no hassle.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) allows IT administrators to host and administer end-user desktops in a virtual machine running on a server in a data center.

Otras preguntas de los usuarios:

1. What are the benefits of VDI?

The benefits of VDI include:

  • Streamlined deployment, management, and maintenance of employee laptops, desktops, tablets, and other devices
  • Improved flexibility of endpoint maintenance
  • Remote-friendly—virtual desktops can be deployed securely and remotely to personal devices. IT admins maintain full control of the deployed environment over files, downloads, virus updates, etc.

2. What are the common challenges of VDI deployment?

Slow or erratic virtual desktops can bring productivity to a halt and result in higher administration costs. Storage performance is often the number one problem—as well as the most expensive component—for VDI.

All-flash storage in combination with efficient data reduction dramatically improves VDI success while keeping costs in check.

3. What is a virtual server?

A virtual server is a server that shares hardware and software resources with other operating systems (OS) in contrast to dedicated physical servers.

Don't Take Our Word for It

We work with the best across all industries.

“FlashStack totally solved our problems with VDI. It’s given us great performance, easy management, and lots of options.”

Chris Pearson
IT Infrastructure Analyst

“The decisive factors in switching to all-flash memory were the options for deduplication and compression as well as the virtualization of servers.”

Tobias Reber
Core Facility IT, Central Server Division



Improve the performance of virtual environments while removing complexity and cost.

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