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Riverview Hospital Improves Patient Experience by Accelerating VDI Deployments and Boosting Database Performance with Pure Storage FlashArray

Mountain View, CA – March 12, 2013 — Pure Storage, the all-flash enterprise storage company, today announced that Riverview Hospital in Noblesville, Indiana, has deployed the Pure Storage FlashArray to improve patient database response time and accelerate VDI sessions for its 1,200 employees. The FlashArray has enabled Riverview to accelerate its most performance-sensitive application used by hundreds of its physicians and nurses across 20 facilities. The dramatic improvement in the performance of database applications and virtual desktops provided by the FlashArray has increased the speed of accessing patient data and enhanced the quality of service that doctors provide to each patient.

As the largest employer in its region, Riverview treats nearly 300,000 patients a year. The hospital's IT organization is a progressive team that has embraced virtualized databases as well as virtual desktop infrastructure. Riverview is currently in its second year of a VMware View deployment, and approximately 500 of its employees use virtual desktops in their normal workflow.

Riverview's previous storage solution, an IBM V7000 hybrid storage array, could not meet the performance demands of virtual desktops and tier 1 database applications, which prompted the IT team to look for a new solution. Riverview chose the Pure Storage FlashArray to replace its legacy hybrid-disk solution based on the FlashArray's ability to outperform its existing auto-tiering SAN, by reducing latency and leveling performance spikes for both its SQL and VDI workloads.

Benefits of Riverview's Pure Storage FlashArray Deployment Include:

  • Migrated 1.5TB EHR SQL virtual machine to FlashArray and added 500 virtual desktops to same array with performance to spare
  • Achieved 8-to-1 data reduction with hundreds of persistent virtual desktops
  • Increased virtualized SQL database IOPS by 2X and reduced latency from 2 to 8ms down to 0.5ms
  • Peak transactions per second tripled and IOPS increased by 50 percent

"We wanted to have the fastest possible infrastructure to support our EHR application and VMware View infrastructure," said Jason Pearce, enterprise architect, Riverview Hospital. "Our search for the ideal end-to-end flash-based storage solution led us to the Pure Storage FlashArray. We've been extremely pleased with the performance enhancements that the FlashArray has provided, as well as Pure Storage's superior customer support. Their openness and responsiveness gave us confidence that Pure cares deeply about its customers, which is why we trust Pure Storage to run our most important and performance-intensive resources."

"The Pure Storage FlashArray provides the best all-flash experience for organizations like Riverview Hospital that need to accelerate and support virtual desktops deployments, as well as the high performance necessary for organizations that rely on tier 1 database applications," said Matt Kixmoeller, VP products, Pure Storage. "With the FlashArray, Pure Storage delivers the benefits of 100 percent flash to support the deployment of VDI for higher security, lower administration costs, and a better end-user experience; at a truly unprecedented price-point."

To read more about how the Riverview Hospital is leveraging Pure Storage FlashArray to increase its database performance and accelerate virtual desktop deployments.

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