Oracle Rapid Backup and Recovery Ultra-Fast and Efficient Data Protection with Commvault & Flashblade

Oracle Rapid Backup and Recover

White paper

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What’s required is a solution that integrates the benefits of the old with the new – one that is simple to manage and helps to reduce overall cost.


Commvault® IntelliSnap® technology integration with Pure Storage enables ultra-fast and efficient backup and recovery of your data and applications from FlashArray primary storage to FlashBlade secondary storage. Together, this combines the capabilities of a traditional backup application with snapshot copies. Integration with application interfaces such as Oracle® RMAN means your database and backup administrators can still leverage their native tools for greater self-service and efficiency.

The purpose of this technical white paper is to walk through the steps required to setup Commvault for Oracle backup and recovery with Pure FlashArray as the primary and FlashBlade as the secondary target, as well as validate the setup by performing backup and recovery tests. This document also provides guidelines and best practices to setup Commvault with FlashBlade as the secondary target.