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Healthcare Providers Tap All-Flash from Pure Storage to be More Innovative and Enhance Care Experience

Leading organizations modernize infrastructure to drive IT transformation, reduce storage costs and increase focus on patients

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — October 15, 2015 — Pure Storage (NYSE:PSTG),  the market’s leading independent solid-state array vendor, today announced that the FlashArray product family continues to be adopted by leading healthcare organizations throughout the world who require a simple, resilient and responsive storage solution for clinical applications in order to drive an enhanced care experience for patients. Healthcare organizations seeking technology solutions to help them differentiate their services and deliver better patient care are increasingly relying on Pure Storage.


The need for technology that can support a more holistic care model has been amplified, as global healthcare organizations look to extract rich, real-time analysis from patient data. The Pure Storage FlashArray product family supports access through its rapid response times which shorten the amount of time for a physician to begin attending to a patient and allows them to spend more time delivering quality care. Additionally, Pure Storage satisfies growth and performance requirements for applications such as electronic health records (EHR) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which continue to rise as more patient data is added into the electronic health system.


According to an April 2015 commissioned conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pure Storage, organizations that have implemented Pure Storage solutions have experienced not only significant cost savings but also measurable technology and business efficiency improvements. The Forrester Total Economic Impact study calculates the total benefits associated with deploying Pure Storage FlashArray solutions for healthcare were more than $1.9 million over three years. The study stated that organizations achieved benefits ranging from increased clinician productivity, flexibility to upgrade and add capacity without migrating data, simplification of deployment and management tasks, as well as power and cooling savings.


IT departments play a central role as healthcare organizations grow their use of electronic health records to improve patient care and data security standards. “Meaningful use” is a government regulation that requires healthcare providers to use certified EHR technology to improve the quality of care and care coordination, while maintaining the privacy and security of patient health information. This regulation has raised standards for EHR technology, putting increased demand on IT environments in healthcare organizations, which Pure Storage’s next generation all flash storage platform can more than adequately address.


“We understand that our healthcare customers’ utmost priority is to differentiate themselves through providing better patient care, and we’re focused on helping them accelerate those possibilities. Our technology is designed to deliver the clinical application performance and reliability needed to support the mission-critical applications, such as Epic, Allscripts, McKesson, VMware and Citrix, that their businesses -- and patients --  depend on,” said Jonathan Martin, CMO, Pure Storage. “With Pure Storage, healthcare organizations benefit from not only significant capital and operational cost savings, but more peace of mind that they will always have access to their data, will never have to experience downtime and the implications that has on the patient’s experience.”


Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS)

CCHS has served the health needs for people in the County for 40 years with the mission to provide high quality services to the residents of Contra Costa County with respect and responsiveness to all. CCHS is an integrated system of health care services, community health improvement and environmental protection with a track record of anticipating community health needs and changing to meet those needs. CCHS uses Pure Storage to run its mission critical Epic and VDI applications. 


“After over a year in production, I can say Pure has surpassed my expectations for performance, availability and simplicity,” said Jeffrey Tang, Chief Technology Officer at CCHS. “It is the simplicity factor that continues to amaze us and pays dividends for the team. Storage has become a background technology allowing us to focus on other projects impactful to improving patient care.” 


Riverview Health

Riverview Health is a regional healthcare provider in Noblesville, Indiana, with 156 patient beds and 26 remote facilities throughout Hamilton and Tipton counties. Riverview implemented Pure Storage in 2012 to solve inconsistent performance problems it was experiencing from its current hybrid storage array.


Riverview Health experienced reduced storage latency and performance spikes for both SQL and VDI workloads. After migrating to Pure Storage’s all-flash array, Riverview’s virtualized EHR SQL database nearly doubled in IOPS while experiencing a reduction in latency from 2ms-8ms down to less than 1ms. In 2014, Riverview leveraged Pure Storage’s Evergreen Storage model to non-disruptively upgrade both controllers to the latest versions. It worked with a Pure Storage systems engineer during normal business hours and was able to replace two physical storage controllers, triple physical capacity and upgrade all firmware with no disruption in service.


“Performing a non-disruptive upgrade of our Pure Storage flash array on a Tuesday morning was liberating,” said Jason Pearce, Director of Information Systems Infrastructure at Riverview Health. “Business continuity, ease of administration, consistent read and write performance, and some of the best technical support we’ve experienced from any vendor are primary reasons why we turn to Pure Storage. In addition to running our EHR and VDI infrastructure, more than 90 percent of our virtualized workloads now run on Pure Storage.”


St. Luke’s Health System

St. Luke’s Health System is a not-for-profit health system based in Idaho that cares for more than 163,000 patients each year. Founded in 1902, St Luke’s has served the Boise, Idaho community for more than 100 years and has grown into one of the top 15 healthcare systems in the country with 12 major facilities. St Luke’s uses Epic Healthcare’s EHR software and was looking for ways to make Epic perform better and improve availability.  


The mission of St. Luke’s Health System is to improve the health of the people in the region. The St. Luke’s IT department is helping to fulfill this mission by providing care practitioners with technologies that are simple, secure and that come with impeccable support.


“Pure Storage removes complexity from our environment, reduces cost and increases performance,” said Brett Taylor, Director of IT Infrastructure & Operations, St. Luke's Health System. "Pure was simple to install and manage. We’ve put the technology to the test and it keeps working time after time, which is exactly what we need from our storage system.”


University of Kansas Hospital

University of Kansas Hospital (UKH) is an academic medical center located in Kansas City, Kansas. UKH has more than 650 patient beds and provides services to a population of more than two million. The hospital was searching for a storage solution that would provide their Epic EHR environment with the best combination of performance, cost and simplicity with little to no IT changes. Pure Storage was chosen by UKH for providing a non-disruptive upgrade architecture, superior data reduction, as well as not needing professional services or management training to install or maintain the FlashArray, which is a substantial cost savings.


Pure Storage technology provided the University of Kansas with an enterprise-ready, cost-effective alternative to their traditional storage technology. Rather than simply meeting performance needs, UKH has far exceeded performance requirements and is well equipped for the future.


“Our team’s first priority is to find new ways to help our clinicians improve our patient’s experience,” said Mike Schlenk, Assistant Director of Server Design/Development and Enterprise Storage, University of Kansas Hospital. “Pure Storage allows the team to spend more time on projects that contribute to this focus and ultimately help provide a better experience to patients as well as clinicians at the University of Kansas Hospital.”


About Pure Storage, Inc.

Pure Storage accelerates possible, transforming businesses in ways previously unimagined. The company’s disruptive, software-driven storage technology combined with a customer-friendly business model drives business and IT transformation for customers through dramatic increases in performance and efficiency at lower costs. Pure Storage FlashArray//m is simpler, faster and more elegant than any other technology in the datacenter. FlashArray //m is ideal for the move toward big data and for performance-intensive workloads such as cloud computing, database systems, desktop virtualization, real-time analytics and server virtualization. With Pure's industry leading NPS score of 79, Pure customers are some of the happiest in the world, and include large and mid-size organizations across a range of industries: cloud-based software and service providers, consumer web, education, energy, financial services, governments, healthcare, manufacturing, media, retail and telecommunications. With Pure Storage, companies push the boundaries of what's possible to become faster, smarter and more innovative.


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*Forrester Consulting, Total Economic Impact Study of Pure Storage FlashArray Storage Solutions for Healthcare, April 2015.

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