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Pure & AFAST

Delivering Fast, Continuous Operations for FSI

Supporting the digital evolution of banks and insurance companies, AFAST needs highly performant and reliable operations, so when its storage system suffered outages, AFAST moved to Pure Storage®.


Accenture's Financial Services hub, AFAST provides greater efficiency, competitiveness, and value creation for its customers in banking and insurance. With a flash-based legacy storage system, AFAST expected high performance but had ongoing failures in delivering the required performance. To meet its SLAs and provide constant data availability, AFAST migrated to Pure Storage. Migration was transparent, completed in one night, and now AFAST has smooth operations.


  • Service Provider


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications



AFAST’s legacy flash storage system was causing periodic operational crashes, incurring serious consequences. Customers needed constant data availability and AFAST was contractually bound to meet SLAs for data access. AFAST needed better resilience and higher performance without expanding the physical infrastructure.


Business Transformation

  • Transparent overnight migration for minimal impact on customers
  • Increased sustainability with 65% less space and 75% less consumption
  • Creation of cost savings that improve financial forecasts

IT Transformation

  • Increased uptime with synchronous active-active replication
  • Space reduction with 4:1 deduplication in production, 6:1 in DR
  • Access to detailed reports without waiting using Pure1®

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