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Pure Storage and Andra

Andra Modernizes Digital Storage to Manage Radioactive Waste

When the agency responsible for French radioactive waste disposal needed to modernize digital storage and reduce its carbon footprint, Andra chose Pure Storage®.


Andra manages French radioactive waste disposal to minimize risks for present and future generations. To meet its evolving data needs, Andra selected Pure Storage FlashArray//X™ and its easy to manage data storage capabilities. This choice reinforces Andra's commitment to the environment by driving down energy use, footprint, and emissions. Pure1® delivers reliable metrics, and with the Pure Evergreen® architecture, Andra enjoys non-disruptive and modular upgrades that minimize data center growth.


  • State and Local Government


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Modernize Data Protection



Given its responsibility for ensuring safe management of extremely hazardous waste, Andra requires its operations to be highly reliable. The agency needed to modernize its data storage infrastructure to meet that strict standard and protect its sensitive and confidential data. In addition, Andra wanted a solution that would support its sustainability goals and a greener future.


Business Transformation

  • Safely handles data related to dangerous radioactive substances
  • Support environmentally-conscious practices in the organization
  • Maximize lifespan of equipment with upgradeable arrays

IT Transformation

  • Stored 250 TB of data while reducing footprint by 80%
  • Helped reduce global data power consumption by 20% and CO2 emissions by 4 tons
  • Improved data protection with SafeMode™ immutable snapshots

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