Grupo MTNG Improves Application Performance with Pure Storage


Grupo MTNG, better known for its Mustang footwear brand and fashion segment of Spain, consolidated all its storage with Pure Storage FlashArray™ to improve performance of all types of applications including management and analysis, databases, decision-making, and CRM.


  • Retail


  • Spain
  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Database
  • Applications including CRM



  • Renovate and consolidate obsolete storage infrastructures.
  • Free IT staff from maintenance tasks associated with storage.
  • Improve the reliability and speed of applications.
  • Integrate functions on encryption to comply with privacy regulations such as GDPR.


Business Transformation

Fast and reliable data storage for its hybrid infrastructure improved performance for all types of applications. With simplified storage management, the company now can focus on innovation.

IT Transformation

  • Shortened Data Warehouse process times by 80%.
  • Lowered energy consumption by 94%.
  • Minimized administration and storage management hours by 90%.
  • Improved OPEX and CAPEX by 50%.

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