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Pure Storage & NTT Managed Services

NTT Managed Services Keeps Up with Growth with Pure

NTT Managed Services reduces the effort needed to scale and maintain high performance for customers by storing Docker containers and worker nodes on Pure Storage.


NTT Managed Services manages a massive data lake to serve its clients, handling up to 10 TB of data and 3 billion records a day. With Pure Storage® FlashArray™ and FlashBlade®, the company gains high-performance storage for its cloud environment.


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Enable Multi-cloud


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Simplify IT & Security Operation Monitoring
Explore how Pure helps IT teams store more data and access it in less time with a focus on Elastic platforms.


Even with people working around the world, managing the bare-metal storage previously took a great deal of time. The company needed to spend time estimating consumption and preparing infrastructure before opening a new pipeline.


Business Transformation

  • Manages up to 10 TB of data and 3 billion records per day
  • Scales with company needs for new customers and services
  • Keeps business-critical services running at all times for customers

IT Transformation

  • Reduces maintenance by allowing the system to orchestrate storage for virtual machines
  • Is more responsive to the needs of operational teams with the capacity to take on new ideas
  • Reduces manual time needed to care for the bare-metal deployment

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