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Jung Holding Deliver Fresh Food with Evergreen

Jung Holding uses Pure Storage FlashArray to give high performance and reliability for ERP, VDI, logistics, warehouse, and communications systems and manage the supply chain from field to supermarket.


In the competitive food industry, Jung Holding must constantly improve and accelerate supply chain processes to deliver the freshest produce possible. With Pure Storage FlashArray, Jung Holding gains the strong performance and high redundancy that it needs to keep supply chain systems running smoothly.


  • Manufacturing
  • Retail


  • EMEA

Use Cases

  • Supply Chain

Use Cases


Pure Storage FlashArray provides strong performance for all internal systems. Evergreen Storage allows Jung Holding to get more from its investment and always gain access to the latest updates and technologies.


Business Transformation

  • Provides fresher food to consumers faster
  • Analyzes real-time data to improve supply chain performance
  • Improves profitability with more efficient IT resources

IT Transformation

  • Maximizes data availability to keep supply chain processes running
  • Improves performance of IT processes, including lower latency for ERP system
  • Helps employees switch to remote work during COVID-19 with VDI environment

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연락하기: +82 2 6001-3330



퓨어스토리지코리아 주소

30F 아셈타워,

517 영동대로,

강남구, 서울


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