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Defense Simulations that Cover Every Angle

Charged with anticipating threats, this government agency relies on Pure Storage to power in-depth data analyses and telemetry studies for 'what if' scenario planning.


Defending a country against attacks from multiple fronts requires split-second decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date mission data. Complex models and simulations help craft and implement defense strategies where failure, downtime, and uncertainty are not options. Pure Storage delivers the high performance the agency needs to refine its defense strategies with confidence and at scale, while ensuring 100 percent availability.


  • Government


  • North America

Use Cases

  • Accelerate Core Applications
  • Activate Real-time Analytics
  • Power Artificial Intelligence


With the threat of attack from land, sea, and space, this agency relies on the most up-to-date models and simulations to build its strategies. Knowing that military teams require fast answers from the latest data, the agency needed an alternative to its outdated spinning disk arrays to accelerate data processing, avoid storage downtime, and reduce admin tasks that took time away from defense priorities.


Business Transformation

  • Strengthens global defenses using advanced analytics
  • Empowers swift and decisive action to defend the country from constant threats
  • Improves collaboration and joint military strategies with global allies

IT Transformation

  • 100% availability of sensor and telemetry data to fuel analyses
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by simplifying storage management
  • Cuts data center footprint 5-fold, improving both scale and sustainability

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연락하기: +82 2 6001-3330



퓨어스토리지코리아 주소

30F 아셈타워,

517 영동대로,

강남구, 서울


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