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Pure Storage and Oxeya

Oxeva leverages FlashBlade's storage performance to support its big data offer for its customers

Managed hosting company leverages the performance and consistency of Pure Storage's FlashBlade solution to provide its customers with a quality big data offering.


Oxeva, managed hosting company, recently set up a big data offer for its customers. The company chose the FlashBlade object storage solution from Pure Storage, a platform adapted to these specific uses and capable of providing high and constant storage performance.


  • Managed hosting


  • France

Use Cases

  • Host Big Data Solutions



Oxeva, created in 2005, offers managed hosting solutions. Present in three datacenters in the Paris region, Oxeva guarantees that all of its customers' data is hosted in France, in compliance with data security criteria. Its corporate culture favors listening to customers to gradually improve the quality of its services.


  • The launch by Oxeva of a big data offer required an efficient storage solution, capable of managing large volumes of data.
  • The company needed a scalable storage solution with capacities adapted to the needs of its customers.
  • An essential criterion was to find a supplier who offers quality support so that Oxeva can respect SLAs towards its end customers.


Business Transformation

Thanks to FlashBlade's performance and consistency, Oxeva customers can forget about storage concerns and focus on developing and improving their activities.

IT Transformation

  • Significant simplification of storage management for Oxeva teams.
  • 60 TB of useful data stored on 4U.

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