Workday Recruiting Demo, Workday Application - Pure Storage


  • For data-driven companies like Workday, the data-intensive application’s performance, throughput and reliability of data processing are critical. Workday Recruiting is seamlessly unified with Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) to equip customers with complete insight into their talent pipeline -- from sourcing through succession -- in one system.
  • As a cloud provider, Workday's customers expect applications to be available 24/7 without fail, which means supporting usage spikes anytime, any place is a real business objective.


  • Workday deployed several Pure Storage FlashArrays to accelerate data center performance and simplify storage management.
  • Workday delivers seamless search for its Recruiting application, helping to differentiate its software from the competition.
  • Ultimately, improving the performance of search has allowed Workday to help customers find, share, engage, and select the best internal and external candidates through its Recruiting solution.
  • According to Workday: “In our case, storage is more than just a data archive – it’s a strategic imperative. We needed a solution that could deliver consistent and reliable performance.” said David Clarke, vice president, technology development, Workday.
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We can't afford any bottlenecks impacting our new IT infrastructure, and if anything can be one, storage is it. We knew moving to an all-flash data centre was optimal for our business.

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