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The New Realities of Hybrid Cloud: Practical Tips for the World's Biggest Telcos

The perception of hybrid cloud in telecom has evolved over the past decade due to the shift towards NFVs and CNFs. This discussion focuses on balancing data strategy, addressing challenges, and establishing a foundation for future speed, scale, cost-efficiency, and innovation in the world's largest telcos.
This webinar first aired on 2023년 9월 4일 (월)
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The perception of “hybrid cloud” in telecom has changed over the last 10 years. As NFVs and CNFs have dramatically changed the network landscape, the simplistic view of “move it to a hyperscaler” has been tempered by realities of cost, flexibility, security and agility.

So how can the world’s biggest telcos navigate legacy infrastructure and make changes now - while planning for the future?

In this discussion, you’ll learn:

  • How to balance your data strategy that allows you to balance the promises of cloud and “bringing it all back to the data center”
  • How the world’s biggest telcos can meet the challenges of the new hybrid cloud landscape while delivering secure, robust, scalable services to their end users
  • Practical steps you can make now to set a foundation that allows for future speed, scale, cost-efficiency and innovation
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