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IDC Retail Industry Cloud Investment Guide for 2022

Retailers are boosting spending on cloud and cloud-native solutions. In particular, as-a-service models are being looked at. The largest retailers are already strongly increasing spending for infrastructure-as-a-service. But only 20% of retailers have reached the highest levels of cloud maturity.

Where does your company stand in terms of cloud investment? IDC surveyed numerous retail IT organizations and the results are available in the report, “IDC Retail Industry Investment Guide for 2022.”

 What You’ll Learn in this Report

The IDC report examines how and why retailers are spending on cloud initiatives. Among the areas covered:

  • Most common retail business objectives
  • Where retailers find the biggest cloud benefits 
  • Cloud-native strategies that are delivering clear results
  • Which retail applications are moving to the cloud fastest
  • Which applications are next for cloud migration

Download the report to learn how your retail peers are looking at these critical technology areas.

Download the Report
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