Pure Storage Certified

Demonstrate expertise and be recognized – with a certification on Pure Storage Technologies.

Why get Pure Storage Certified?

Test yourself

Put your knowledge to the test. Deliver business value to your organization by becoming a Pure Storage Certified Professional.

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Pure Storage Certification offers partners a strong foundation and a comprehensive range of specializations in Pure Storage Technologies.

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Pure Certifications demonstrate you’ve got the necessary skills and proficiency with Pure Storage Technologies.

Certifications Offered

Pure Storage
Foundation Certification Exam

The Pure Storage Foundation Exam establishes all candidates with a baseline test that lays the groundwork for additional Pure Storage designations and certifications. 

Exam ID: PCA_001
Credential Earned: Pure Storage Certified Associate

Exam Topics Covered


  • Monitor, manage and update configurations on Pure Storage arrays


  • Identify the steps of how to open a support ticket
  • Define support alert types

Architecture and Components

  • Identify the components of FlashArray, FlashBlade™ and FlashStack™
  • Apply knowledge of the architecture to manage assets

Evergreen™ Business Model

  • Define the characteristics and benefits of Evergreen Storage
  • Identify how to implement Pure Storage technology in a data center environment

Pure Storage FlashArray Architect Professional

To be a Pure Storage Certified Architect Professional – FlashArray is to demonstrate expertise in delivering fast and reliable solutions that unlock business value and eliminate deployment risk.

Exam ID: FAP_001
Credential Earned: Pure Storage Certified Architect Professional – FlashArray

Exam Topics Covered


  • Apply knowledge of capacity, data characteristics, etc., to determine appropriate FlashArray configuration
  • Define how Pure1 META is used to provide performance sizing for FlashArray


  • Describe different architecture options
  • Identify the implications of using various architecture options


  • Perform storage operations using the CLI, REST API, FlashArray GUI, and Pure1

Data Protection

  • Explain snapshot, Async replication, and //ActiveCluster in FlashArray

FlashArray Implementation Professional

To be a Pure Storage Certified Implementation Professional - FlashArray is to demonstrate expertise in delivering fast and reliable solutions that unlock business value and eliminate deployment risk. Pure Storage's Certification exams have been developed following industry best practices to strive for reliable and valid test score interpretations.

Exam ID: FAIP_001
Credential Earned: Pure Storage Certified Implementation Professional – FlashArray

Exam Topics Covered


  • Validate site-survey data prior to installation
  • Determine if best practice requirements for installation/upgrade have been met


  • Identify hardware and software installation procedures for the array


  • Identify hardware and software upgrade procedures


  • Evaluate the array to ensure install/upgrade was successful
  • Determine when Pure Storage Support should be engaged
  • Perform GUI walkthrough with the customer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule an exam?

Create an online account using your email address:

1. Go to www.examslocal.com.

2. Select the date and time you want to take the exam. Note that exams require a 24-hour lead-time to schedule, so the earliest date you can make a reservation is next business day. The time you select for your exam will be based on the time zone setting in your web browser.

3. Complete a compatibility check and agree to the terms and conditions in order to schedule your exam.

How’s the certification exam administered?

The certification exam is a  multiple choice online exam.  It is proctored online and the student must have a webcam.  The proctor monitors the student for the duration of the exam.

Is this an ‘open book’ exam?

Nope. You won’t be able to refer to any external materials during the exam.

Do I need to attend a training course before taking the certification exam?

Training isn't required; the exam is designed to test your on-the-job experience.

What does the certification exam cost?

A single exam costs $200, and it’s good for one attempt. If you don’t pass, you’ll need to pay the fee again and retake the exam, after waiting at least seven days. Once you pass the exam, you can’t retake that exam.

Are there sample questions available?

Yes, there are sample questions in the Exam Study Guides.

Does the certification expire?

Yes. The certification expires after two years.

How do I retrieve my exam results, and when will they become available?

Exam results, score reports, and CertMetrics account become available 24 – 48 hours after taking the exam.  Exams results show up on your Certmetrics Account.  You will receive an email once your CertMetrics account is available.

When logging into CertMetrics for the first time, there’s a “Never logged in before?” link. After clicking on that link, enter the same email address you used when you registered for www.examslocal.com. You’ll then get an email with instructions on how to create a login and password.

Will I get a copy of my certification?

After you log into CertMetrics, look for a “Certifications” link. Clicking on that will bring you to your PDF certificate, ready to download.  

How can I retrieve my certification badge?

Badges are coming soon and will be in your CertMetrics account.