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What Is Entry Level Storage

What Is Entry-level Storage?

Entry-level storage is the minimum viable storage solution needed to start small and grow big, without sacrificing security, scalability, and performance. At Pure Storage®, that means all the speed, power, and intelligence of our all-flash arrays but custom-tailored to your capacity needs.

A Simple Recipe for Entry-level Storage

An entry-level storage solution should be fast, simple, and secure. It should give your organisation all the capacity and performance you need to deliver your products and services, without breaking the bank, sacrificing security, or cutting corners on technology. 

The best entry-level storage solutions will also factor in scalability, giving you a smart modular storage solution that will grow alongside your organisation.

The Benefits of Entry-level Storage

The benefits of all-NVMe entry-level storage include:

  • Modular file, block, and object storage solutions that scale as you grow
  • A custom-tailored storage solution optimised for cost, capacity, and performance
  • The faster data transfer speeds and massive parallelism of NVMe storage
  • A built-in storage management system for streamlined customer experience

Test Drive FlashArray

Work in a self-service environment to experience the management of a Pure FlashArray. Explore advanced features, including snapshots, replication, ActiveCluster™, and even VMware integration.

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Why Choose Pure for Entry-level Storage Solutions?

Pure’s all-NVMe entry-level storage solutions are designed to make it simple to fill your file, block, and object storage needs. Let’s take a look at what Pure has to offer:

  • FlashArray//X: A performance-optimised, all-flash array for Tier 0 and Tier 1 block storage applications
  • FlashArray//C: A capacity-optimised, all-flash array for Tier 2 block storage applications
  • FlashBlade®: An all-flash, scale-out, network-attached storage (NAS) solution for file and object storage

Pure’s FlashArray boast six nines of uptime (99.9999%). Easy-to-use and simple to set up, Pure’s entry-level storage solutions are designed from the bottom up to scale with your data storage needs.

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