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Analyst Report

ESG: The Business Altering Impact of Mature Analytics Investments

Analyst Report

(15 pages, 558 KB)

Read the ESG report "The Impact of Advancing Your Analytics Maturity" to learn how to maximise your businesses competitive advantage from data analytics.

As organisations continue to embrace data as a differentiator, data-driven initiatives continue to take precedence over almost all other business priorities. Organisations with mature analytics investments are achieving bigger impacts to business outcomes across the board, from customer experience (CX) and strategy to product innovation. These highlights show how Stage 3 organisations are maximising the impact of data analytics:

  • Stage 3 organisations are 2.5 times more likely to outpace competitors on customer satisfaction
  • Stage 3 organisations have increased revenue per employee 350% more over the past two years
  • Stage 3 organisations launch 46% more products on average over the last two years

See the full report for insights into the data and technology practices of these organisations, and the incredible outcomes achieved through their investments.

“Organisations that have made the investments and put in the work to achieve data excellence compared to their less data-savvy peers continue to reap rewards.”


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