Turn Microsoft Vision Into Reality

Empower your organisation to actualize great ideas. Pure Data-Centric Architecture for Microsoft applications helps unify your data so you can innovate fast — in the cloud and on premises.


Get Speed, Agility, and Intelligence

See how Pure Storage solutions for Microsoft help drive industry-defining innovation in your business – by putting your data to work.

Do More with Data

Get unprecedented performance and simplicity for your Microsoft SQL Server workloads, including analytics. Low latency, rapid backup and restore, and unique self-driving capabilities simplify management, while support for VMware Virtual Volumes lets you apply granular, array-based management features directly to virtualised SQL Server workloads.

Get Fast Backup Storage for Microsoft SQL Server

Scale Seamlessly

Pure Storage Open Connect lets you easily scale Microsoft workloads across your environments – with zero lock-in – by automating connectivity and configuration for hybrid clouds and Microsoft Azure. On premises, Microsoft System Center integration enables faster and easier consolidation, automation, and orchestration for private-cloud and virtualised workloads.

Learn How to Build a Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Innovate Fast

Automate your DevOps workflow. Ensure developers work on current production data by quickly refreshing data across environments with the Pure Storage PowerShell SDK.

Automate Your Microsoft DevOps Workflow

End-to-End Management of FlashArray with Windows Admin Center

Get a single-pane view into your fleet of FlashArrays. Run monitoring tasks, view real-time performance metrics, and manage storage volumes and initiators.

Learn How to Build a Hybrid Cloud for Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Exchange, Unleashed

Email. Messaging. Calendaring. And much more. Microsoft Exchange Server is essential to your business. But you need a modern storage solution to support data-intensive growth. Gain control -- for today and tomorrow’s workloads -- and ensure uptime of your business-critical services with Pure Storage FlashArray//X, the world’s first all-flash, all-NVMe storage.  

Do. Scale. Innovate.

Pure Data-Centric Architecture provides on-demand, real-time, self-driving storage to power all your Microsoft workloads.

Data Management

Modern database platforms like SQL Server demand extremely high performance and resiliency from underlying infrastructure – the kind of power and efficiency that Pure Data-Centric Architecture is ideally suited to provide.

Performance & Consolidation

Experience up to an 80x gain in performance for file copy and move operations with the Pure ODX implementation. Get best-of-breed SMB and NFS services with Windows File Services on FlashArray. 


Zero lock-in. Pure Storage delivers Hyper-V and Azure integrations to power the on-demand requirements of your private and hybrid clouds. Consolidate and manage everything from Microsoft System Center.