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Take control with Pure1®, the AI-driven, SaaS  storage management platform that’s included with your Pure Storage® subscription or support contract. Revolutionise how your IT team acquires, manages, and optimises infrastructure.

Pure1 storage management for data storage insights

Experience Greater Storage Management

Pure1 enables you to deliver IT results faster, manage from anywhere, and provide full-stack monitoring with predictive analysis and insights into your capacity, performance, and energy consumption. Easily plan for new applications and only buy what you need—letting you focus on growing your business.

Elevate Your Data Services

Pure1 provides a single view to monitor, analyse, and optimise your Pure Storage, Portworx®, and VMware infrastructure from anywhere in the world. Get alerts and world-class, AI-driven support directly from your phone. See the information you need to make better decisions, when and where you need it—and extend your monitoring with Pure1 REST APIs.

Monitor and analyse your data storage

Plan with Confidence

Eliminate underprovisioning, overspending, and reduce time planning for the future with proactive insights tailored for you. Plan for future capacity needs whether you’re migrating or deploying new workloads or improving your security by leveraging features, such as SafeMode™ snapshots. Pure1 offers granular insights into your storage consumption across your entire fleet, to empower chargeback and showback of your enterprise storage.

Predictive data storage capacity

Put Your Plans into Action

Easily purchase, manage, and renew all products and services for your hybrid cloud directly from the Pure1 Digital Marketplace. Perform  upgrades on your schedule, expand capacity, and take full control of your subscription services—all from one place.

Renew your data storage management services with Pure1

Save Energy

Take control of your energy costs with the Pure1 Sustainability Assessment. Get actionable insights and recommendations to optimise efficiency and reduce your energy usage across your entire fleet.

Predictive data storage capacity

What is AIOps?

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is the practice of using machine learning and analytics to streamline and improve IT operations, such as service desk, monitoring, and automation. The sheer volume of data that your typical IT department must manage and interpret is constantly increasing. AIOps platforms give IT departments the edge they need to keep up with bigger and faster data.

People also ask:

1. How does AIOps improve application monitoring?

 It is challenging to track and monitor the logs and data analytics of a modern IT infrastructure deployment. Between all the APIs, virtual machines, bare metal servers, and the Internet of Things (IoT), ITOps has long exceeded the bandwidth of human oversight. AIOps platforms help level the playing field for IT departments, giving them the ML-powered tools they need to process and extract insights from data that is big, fast, and unstructured.

2. What is Pure1?

Pure1 is an AIOps platform that gives you a single interface to manage all your storage arrays. The cloud service provides critical insight into your technology stack, including a topology view to simplify VM troubleshooting. Pure1 gives you everything you need to manage all your Pure arrays from anywhere with just a web browser or the app.

3. What is Pure1 Meta?

Pure1 Meta is the AI-driven, full-stack analytics platform behind Pure’s self-driving storage management system. Meta leverages machine learning and the accumulated, real-time, call-home data of a global fleet of cloud-connected arrays to provide predictive analytics at scale. With Meta, it’s possible to forecast and troubleshoot data storage issues before they occur.

4. Is Pure1 really included with my Pure Storage subscriptions and support contracts?

Yes! Pure Storage believes that providing transparency and insights into your enterprise storage shouldn’t be held for ransom. That’s why Pure1 is included in all active subscriptions and support contracts.

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“The Pure1 VM Analytics tool allows me to look at a VM and see the storage path and know exactly what’s happening. It tells you what the host is doing, and what the storage is doing.”

Jim Wild
R&D Infrastructure Operations - IT, Navis

“The automation features of Pure1—and the fact that I can manage the Pure arrays from my phone—make it a key feature.”

Michael Clarkson
Infrastructure Manager, Booster
Pure1 VM Analytics storage management screenshot

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Simplify scoping, pricing, quoting, ordering, and installing the infrastructure your applications need.

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